Joint Rehabilitation Plan Post Knee Replacement

Recovering from a knee replacement isn't as bad as it used to be thanks to significant advances in surgical techniques and materials. But it can still be a daunting task, especially if you are older or if you're heavier. Doctors and PT's are your friend and the overall authority on your recovery plan, but here is my 2 cents and my additional suggestions.

The two things I'd emphasize the most include staying mobile and working through a pain free (or mostly pain free) range of motion. That means that with squats, leg press, leg extensions, lunges (probably not at first), the range of motion might only be 25% of the full range. That's alright and it will just be a starting point to improve upon slowly. Even a squat lowering down just 2 inches with your back against a wall, or your back against a physioball that's against the wall can still be beneficial. It will still help to strengthen the muscles and build back up the bone density in the hip and upper leg. 

If something causes significant pain or swelling them you'll need to take a step back in terms of weight, range of motion, repetitions, frequency of workouts per week, etc and first wait for most of the pain or swelling to go down before resuming. So overall start really light and only 1-2x per week. Stretching or movements without resistance should be fine to do everyday, but putting extra weight on it (full or partial bodyweight, free weights, resistance bands and/or machines) will require some rest days. 

Work within the rehabilitation plan of the physical therapy or orthopedic surgeon as well of course.

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I hope this guide helps you on your knee replacement joint rehabilitation journey.

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