Intermediate Total Body Training & Lifting Intervals Workout

Train that entire body with this free interval cardio and lifting workout!

5 Minutes Elliptical w/ Arms
1x Wide Pushups Warmup
1x Close Grip Pushup Warmup
1x Dumbbell front and lateral raises (10 lb dumbbells) Warmup
2x Lat Pulldown Machine 90-110+ lbs vary grips
2x Chest Press Machine 90-110+ lbs vary grips
5 Minutes Bike Resistance 10-12 Speed 60-80 RPM
2x Dumbbell Squats 25-30 lb dumbbells
2x Physioball alternating twisting crunches
5 Minutes ArcTrainer w/ mobile Arms Resistance 12-15
2x Planks
2x Mountain Climbers 12 on each leg
1x Pushups until failure

5 Minutes Treadmill Incline walk (cooldown)

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