The Mind Is A Muscle Too: Work It

Sometimes when we exercise, we focus too much on the physical benefits. Some of us get carried away with losing weight, while others seek larger muscles. And, of course, these things are essential and positive benefits to a decent workout. If you see physical effects from your efforts, you’re getting things right. 

But, contrary to popular belief, the chief joy of exercise isn’t what it does to your body. Too often, we forget that our mind a muscle as well. Well, some parts of it anyway. Either way, it can certainly benefit from exercise as much as your body can. Even better, the results are often far faster to come by. A more mental focus could help give you motivation during those early stages. If you think you’d like to delve into the mental benefits of exercise, it’s worth considering the following workouts. As they say, mind over matter!


It would be criminal not to start a list like this with yoga. When it comes to mental exercise, it’s hard to find better than this. Yoga is an exercise which focuses on psychological well being and bodily harmony. While many of us think it’s all about bending ourselves into crazy shapes, that’s rarely the reality. There are some mad yoga poses out there. Have you seen The Crow? But, most of the time, yoga is about listening to your body and emptying your mind. In many ways, this is just a physical way to meditate. 

If you’ve been hesitant to start a practice, head to channels like Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. Any yogi worth their salt has used these at some stage. Home practice like this is a fantastic way to get into a regular habit. You may decide to join a class later down the line. Or, you may find home practice suits you better. With yoga, it’s all about what makes you happy. 

Martial Arts 

Next up is martial arts. Many traditional martial arts focus on strict discipline and concentration. As such, this could be the ideal workout for someone with a busy mind. If you find it difficult to focus, a regular martial arts program can help you overcome the issue. Like yoga, martial arts uses meditation and inner strength to overcome physical challenges. Exercise like this is also a fantastic way to blow off steam and de-stress after a tough workday. 


And, of course, it isn’t only the zen style exercise options which can help your mind. Jogging also has mental benefits. On an obvious level, getting out and about is always a good way to steady our minds. But, there’s more to it than that. Jogging, and any exercise like it, releases endorphins which can help keep you happy. Some studies also suggest that regular running can help fight depression, and even sharpen memory. In fact, many individuals continue the practice for these reasons. It may seem like a chore now but, once you get in a regular practice, your mind and body are sure to thank you.

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