Protein Packed Omega-3 Super Salad

OK fine I'm not a professional food photographer, and the salad may not look amazing at first glance. I did not take the extra time to stage the food to be aesthetically pleasing, it is just a quick picture from my actual lunch at work in tupperware. Lunch that I've been eating every work day for the last month. It's not about about food looking good, it's about the taste and the nutritional content. And boy does this salad deliver!

This salad tastes amazing and is packed with lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, micronutrients, antioxidants, and more! Needless to stay, this isn't your average salad.


- Spinach and/or Kale
- Grilled chicken strips
- Quinoa
- Fat free cheese
- Almond slivers
- Sunflower seeds
- Sprinkle of ground flaxseed

- Optional: Dried Cranberries or Pomegranate Seeds


- Olive oil
- Lemon juice
- Garlic salt
- Ground Flaxseed


Mix and then add the desired amount of dressing.

This isn't the cheapest lunch option I've ever created but it's certainly worth it!

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I hope you enjoyed this protein-packed super salad recipe to improve your physique and physical performance.

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