Stick With The Program!

If you’ve ever tried to make a workout plan for yourself, you’ll know how easy it is to write one but how difficult it is to stick to it. The biggest challenge with a workout plan is sticking to the plan the whole time until you get to your goal weight or muscle mass. Before you start a challenge for yourself, whether that’s a workout or getting a new job, you have to want the end goal. If you have a weight loss target to hit, it can be easier to stick to the workout program that you give to yourself because you have an end goal to hit.

Staying motivated throughout the program isn’t easy, especially on the days you REALLY don’t want to get out of bed and get the workout done and finished. If you don’t trust yourself to get up and go, then hiring Elite Training to get you moving and supported can help. 

It is so easy to talk yourself out of exercising, especially on a cold day outside. The trick? Having the right attitude. If it’s going to feel like a chore to look after your health, you won’t do it. We’ve got some solutions, though, check out our tips to stay motivated and stick with the program: 

• Plan your workout for yourself, not for anyone else. If you are trying to lose weight for a partner or because someone you know has suggested that you should, then you won’t lose a thing. Making the decision to essentially overhaul your health has got to be one that you do because you want it, not because someone else does. 

• Go slowly with your workout. You may have an overall goal to run 5K. Having that goal doesn’t mean you’ve failed on the first day for not running 5K. Taking baby steps and having smaller goals makes the overall target feel far more manageable and much closer. 

• Give yourself some time to get into it. A workout routine should not be easy from the first day you do it. It is going to take a little bit of your time and effort to get it to feel like it’s an easy thing to get up and do. 

• Don’t stick to just one workout. You need variety to have some spice in life, and the same goes for your health and fitness. Make up more than one workout routine so that you can keep things fresh and mixed up. 

• Go easy on yourself. You’re not going to be fit as a fiddle overnight, right? Don’t be a drill Sargent with the routine you set for yourself; it’s far better to stick to your limits until you feel ready to push past them. 

• Don’t work out alone if you can help it. Getting out and exercising with a friend is the best way to keep your motivation up, as you can be in friendly competition with each other! 

Your motivation from your workout is going to come from how much you want it. Make every minute of your workout count!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about sticking with your workout regimen to achieve your fitness goals.

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