Frugal Ways to Boost Your Workout Motivation

No matter how much you love it, getting motivated to work out is difficult some days. As cold weather and holiday foods draw closer, it is now more important than ever to adopt strategies for staying motivated to workout. Because working out has numerous health benefits (e.g. improved energy levels and mood), you can help your body stay healthy during one of the most challenging seasons to do so. 

If you’re looking for effective and frugal ways to stay motivated to reach your fitness and wellness goals, explore three exceptional ideas. 

Enlist The Help Of A Workout Partner 

Having a workout partner is a highly effective motivational strategy for several reasons. First, making plans to workout with a friend or relative creates accountability. When you establish a time to meet someone for a workout, you’ve created a commitment with that person. Rather than only being accountable to yourself, you are promising your time to another individual. In this situation, you are far less likely to skip your workouts. Second, when you go to the gym or a workout class with someone you enjoy, you will have more fun than if you went by yourself. Not only will you receive these benefits, but you will also provide the same advantages to your workout partner. 

Personal Training 

Personal training gets an inaccurate reputation as being expensive and reserved for an elite few. The truth is that personal training can be affordable, and keeps you motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Professional personal trainers are experienced and educated in utilizing the top strategies for making the most of your workout. They also know how to help you feel inspired to push through the discomfort and challenges of maintaining a workout routine. In addition to having verbal coaching, making an appointment with a personal trainer reduces the risk of skipping your workout. 

Make Your Accomplishments Visual 

If you are working toward a specific weight loss goal, having a visual way to track your progress can be of incredible value. Stay motivated as you reach your goal by tracking each pound lost with small items that represent those pounds. You can use marbles, coins, or any other small items that you can store in a jar. Create a “pounds to lose” and “pounds lost” jar. For each pound that you lose, move one of the small items into the “pounds lost” jar. As you see the items begin to add up, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, and find extra motivation to keep going. As an added bonus, this motivational strategy can be completely free to use. 

Ultimately, what motivates you most will depend on your individual preferences. If you are unsure of which strategy will be most effective in boosting your workouts, try all three (workout partner, personal training, making your goals visual). From there, decide what is most helpful in pushing you to reach your next fitness goal.

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