4 Ways To Get Energized For Your Workout

Every Monday you may wake up with all the best intentions of making it through the week having completed your three one hour intense cardio and weight sessions. However, by workout two you are feeling fatigued, and you’re lacking the motivation to continue. If you go to the gym, you don’t enjoy it, and if you don’t go to the gym, you feel like a failure. You need to listen to your body. If it’s something physical and you have an injury, you need to rest. However, if it’s more of a mental block or you’re simply feeling low in energy, some strategies can help bolster your focus and enhance your determination to hit the gym. 


It sounds a bit of an oxymoron that you need to sleep to feel energized, but without your seven or eight hours a night, by three in the afternoon the next day a wave of fatigue can sweep over you. Make sure you go to bed at a decent time and try not to snooze your alarm clock in the morning as this can make you feel more sleepy. Try and wind down before heading to bed by taking a long hot soak in the tub or reading a book. Don’t eat too late and steer clear of the caffeine after dinner as this can act as a stimulant and see you staying awake and more alert than necessary. 


Even if you prefer those early morning workouts, you shouldn’t be venturing to the gym on an empty stomach. Ensure that you have some fruit, fuel yourself up with some oats and grab a piece of wholemeal toast. Wash this down with an antioxidant-rich caffeinated tea or Vitamin C filled orange juice and your body will be physically ready for exertion. Some people like to enhance their diet with supplements. In truth, the best pre-workout regime is a balance between nutritious food and stimulant based supplements. 


This doesn’t mean partaking in an alcoholic beverage prior to your session at the gym. You must ensure that you are drinking water throughout the day. Even when sat at your desk sending emails and tapping away on your laptop, you need to be fueling your body with the ph neutral stuff. Being hydrated means we feel less fatigued and more revitalized. If you are venturing to the gym, you can lose vast amounts of nutrients and water through sweat so you must continually replace what you lose.

Buddy Up 

It can be hard to find the motivation you’re lacking on your own. Instead, why not buddy up with a gym pal who also wants to shift the pounds or tone up. The chances are that when you are feeling disinterested in exercise, your gym pal can motivate you and get you back pounding the treadmill. Likewise, you can return the favor. Simply by having someone else to talk to and , making the gym a tad more social you’ll be more inclined to stick with your fitness plan. 


Getting the most out of your gym membership will see you achieving your fitness goals. Heed some of this advice to ensure that you remain motivated and energized to take on every single gym session.

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