The Real Secrets Of Muscle Growth

secrets of muscle growth

When you look at bodybuilders or see the incredible weightlifters at events like the Olympics, the first question most people ask is: how can these people develop such incredible muscles? How can I develop such incredible muscles? 

What is their secret? 

Well the answer is actually incredibly simple: there is no secret. Building your muscle mass is a case of eating a protein rich diet, regular workouts and a strict training regime, all with the aim of developing and defining your muscles and dropping fat. The only difference is that the people you see on TV have dedicated their lives to building muscle, and you have a job and a family and all the stuff that goes with that. 

So what can you do to start building your own muscle mass? 

Bring On The Protein: Optimize Your Diet 

Diet is the first thing you need to consider when you want to build muscle. You can’t build muscle without first giving your body all the things it needs to work. Essentially, protein is what you need. Muscle is built by breaking down proteins into amino acids, this is why you don’t necessarily need to get a full protein from everything you eat and the reason that vegetarians who favor beans and rice are just as capable of building muscle as someone eating steak. 

In order to build 1lb of muscle, you need to eat around 2,800 calories, in order to support the protein turnover. This means that you will be eating more to gain muscle mass, but your body will still be burning through your fat reserves too. Over time, as you switch to eating significantly more protein, you will find that your body shape is changing to show off more definition and a significantly reduced amount of body fat. 

To get enough protein, you need to eat enough protein rich foods. Lean beef is ideal as it contains amino acids, B vitamins and creatine. Salmon is another great food to try as it contains plenty of omega-3 which will improve your heart health and help to inhibit muscle breakdown. For vegetarians, lentils and eggs are fantastic protein rich foods as well as the old beans and rice. 

You can also supplement your diet with shakes made using flax seeds, chia seeds and walnuts. You can also supplement your diet with steroid alternatives. These are all-natural, legal supplements that mimic the way your naturally build muscle, giving you more energy and a greater capacity for lifting weights. 

Build Your Workout 

Building muscle won’t happen overnight so you need to be prepared to put in some time before you reach the weight or body you are aiming for. You also need to understand that you aren’t going to be able to lift the heaviest weights in the gym immediately so go slow and build up your workout over time, just pushing against your upper limit. 

For muscle toning, which aims to create smaller, leaner muscles, lots of reps using lighter weights is best, but to get muscle definition, the opposite is true. You need to be at the top of your weight limit and pushing yourself to do just a few reps. This is why some body building training programs only specify 5 reps before moving on to a different muscle group. 

There are a lot of different exercises you can do for each muscle group and the best way to learn is usually to watch a demonstration of how each exercise is done to ensure that you are working safely and not putting yourself at any risk. Seeing how a weight can, and should be lifted, will prevent any injuries or unnecessary pains such as back pain. 

You can easily do your workouts from home, but if you are looking for a support network, the gym is the best place to be. Not only can you spot for each other, you can also provide encouragement and make suggestions to tweak your workouts for better results. The gym is also great because it will give you access to lots of different equipment which you would struggle to afford or store at home. 

Do Cardio Workouts As Well 

Though you might only be interested in building muscle, adding a cardio workout to your regime each week will improve your metabolism and stamina as well. Cardio is perfect for producing the hormones that allow your body to adapt to stress. This doesn’t just mean that you are much happier and calmer for your run (or circuit training / skipping / swimming / cycling), it also means that your body is much better prepared for burning fat and building muscle. 

If you want to have a ripped body, then you need to be able to control the amount of fat you have. Because cardio workouts are so intense, they are more likely to cause your body to draw from fat reserves to fuel your exercise. This means that they are more effective at burning fat, even if you aren’t building as much muscle. 

Combining weightlifting to build muscle and cardio to burn fat, will give you the optimum workout regime for getting that sculpted body you want. Between the two types of exercise, you give yourself the best opportunities to work well and build up your tolerances and stamina. 

Eat Right To Get Ripped

Eating properly will also give your body a boost. Though it is tempting to think that because you are working out a lot more, you can eat more junk, this will slow your progress down and won’t help you on your journey. You might be right that you are burning those extra calories, but they are empty calories, giving you nothing but energy to burn. 

Maximize More Muscle Growth

There are no real secrets to muscle growth, and with determination and time, you too could be a bodybuilder of incredible proportions. However, starting small and optimizing your body first is the best way to go. And it won’t take up all your time either. It is time to maximize your muscle with these top true secretes of mass  muscular growth!

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