7 Tips on How to Combat Back Pain Naturally

Chronic lower Back pain is, perhaps, one of the most common discomforts that people often complain about. Half the population of working Americans claiming they experience its symptoms year in and year out. What’s even more alarming is the fact that this common ailment can lead to more serious disabilities if taken lightly. 

Symptoms And Causes Of Back Pain 

Some studies have shown that 31 million Americans experience back pain, specifically low back pain, at any point in time. It’s usually caused by skeletal irregularities, osteoporosis, muscle strain, or arthritis. You may already be suffering from it but are too preoccupied with your everyday activities to notice. How will you know if you have it? 

Here are some signs to watch out for with back pain

- Pain radiating from your back down to your leg 
- A shooting or stabbing pain in your back 
- Limited range of motion or flexibility in your back 
- Muscle aches and pain 

Fortunately, there are natural home treatments you can try to manage back pain. It usually takes two weeks for the pain to improve gradually once you administer self-care. However, if symptoms continue to persist, you need to seek consultation with your doctor right away. That’s because back pain can be an indication of a more serious medical problem especially if it’s accompanied by fever, weakness, numbness in one or both legs, bowel or bladder problems, and weight loss. 

Natural Ways to Combat Back Pain 

Symptoms associated with back pain are bound to disrupt daily physical activities. These include pain in the back or around the hips and reduced flexibility of the spine, both of which cause sleeping discomfort and difficulty. 

Nevertheless, you can try the following natural ways to combat the discomfort brought by back pain: 

1. Stretching 

Perhaps the best way to strengthen tense muscles and make them more limber is by stretching. In some ways, it can help ease back pain, too. However, it will all depend on the cause and location of your backache. You should stretch as gently as possible and stop as soon as it starts hurting. You should never force the stretches; otherwise, you risk aggravating your injury. 

2. Cold Compress 

Ice can be a very good pain reliever. It can reduce swelling and temporarily block pain signals; thus, it can greatly help ease backaches. Simply wrap an ice pack with a towel on the painful area and leave on for 20 minutes. Apply it as needed during the first few days of home treatment. 

3. Practice Good Posture and Sitting Position 

If you spend much time sitting down, like at work or during long commutes, you’ll be more prone to back pains. Hence, you need to sit properly or at least look for a good sitting position that will give the least stress on your back area. Look for an ergonomically balanced chair that lines up the bones in your spine neatly, making sure to execute a good posture on your chair to achieve this. Moreover, keep your keyboard within your reach and your feet planted flat on the floor to keep yourself from leaning forward. 

4. Ginger 

Ginger functions the same way over-the-counter pain relievers do. It can reduce pain symptoms and discomfort caused by inflammatory ailments like back pains. However, unlike drugs, it’s all natural. You can use ginger root as a warm compress. Simply press it onto the painful area a couple of times. You can also drink ginger tea and ginger juice or incorporate it into the dishes you cook. Alternatively, you can also rub ginger oil directly on the affected area. 

5. Massage 

Gently massaging a tense or sore muscle is one of the most natural and effective ways of relieving back pain. Doing so can loosen knotted muscles. A massage can also alleviate muscle spasms that usually occur when your rib or thoracic joints lose mobility. You can set up an appointment with a personal masseuse for a session, but if you can’t afford one, you can ask a family member to massage your aching back. 

6. Use Back Belts & Braces 

Back pain and discomfort can render you incapable of doing your daily activities. Likewise, a sedentary lifestyle can make your back muscles weak, further predisposing you to back pain. Wear a back support belt and try to lead a more active lifestyle. 

7. Weight Management 

Your back pain can be due to excess weight. Each time you gain weight, you also add strain to the muscles and ligaments in the back. Hence, it’s important to pay close attention to your overall weight and aim to lose weight the right way. Keep records daily or weekly to help track progress, but avoid reading into the scale weight on any 1 particular day (water weight can fluctuate daily by several pounds). Maintaining a healthy body weight will not only lessen the pain caused by back pains but it will also lighten the load of back muscles.


It's time to fix your back naturally! Follow these tips and your back should start feeling better without resorting to dangerous drugs or surgery.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to combat back pain utilizing natural methods

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