Homemade Sunflower Seed Nut-Free Chocolate Protein Bar Recipe

Protein bars that you buy at stores are often times expensive and loaded with unsavory ingredients to extend shelf-life. These fillers and preservatives can easily cancel out any of the protein or micronutrient nutritional content that you're seeking so they become a waste of money. Making your own protein bars does take a little more time but it can save you a lot of money and improve the nutritional value in the process. And sometimes you or people around you have nut allergies or just need a break from all of the peanuts and almonds out there. Here is a great nut-free chocolate protein bar option utilizing sunflower butter & seeds that will be as good or better for you than the leading store protein bars. 


- 16oz SunButter of other brand sunflower seed butter
- 1 tablespoon cocoa powder (100% pure cacao) 
- 1/4 cup Flaxseed Meal 
- 1 cup chocolate or vanilla whey protein powder 
- 1 cup powdered milk 
- 2 tablespoon granulated Stevia
- 2 teaspoon chia seeds
- 2 tablespoon sunflower seeds
- 1 teaspoon sesame seeds
- 1/4 quick-cooking oats or 1/2 cup ground oatmeal


Mix all dry ingredients together. Once everything is blended, add the SunButter sunflower seed butter. Spread the mixture into a 8 3/4″ x 6 1/2 pan and freeze overnight and enjoy this delicious and nutritious nut-free protein bar recipe!

Nutritional Information: 

Servings 12; Calories 350; Carbohydrates 20g; Fat 22g; Protein 20g

Have fun and feel the power with this bar powered by the seeds of a sunflower!

 I hope you enjoyed this free healthy affordable recipe for sunflower seed butter based nut-free chocolate protein bars on a budget.

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