Five Finger Shoes: Trend Or Revolution?

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Foot Health Is Considered Truly Vital For Overall Wellness; Are Five-Fingered Shoes A Viable Option? 

Many study and practice Martial Arts and Sciences in bare feet and have reportedly done so for hundreds of years. Yoga, Kung Fu, and Jujitsu are amongst many practitioners within this category. The Yogis, Sufis and Senseis, etc. believe that healthy feet are crucial to one's overall fitness, as they theorize overall in many cases that the nerves at the soles of a person's foot interconnect to vital organs throughout the rest of the body. Some of these recent benefits of barefoot exercise are noted here in this article with Breaking Muscle magazine. 

However, for obvious reasons, when one is outdoors amongst the general public and not in a dojo, footwear is a basic requirement for obvious sanitary reasons and to guard against hazards and injuries. Fitness researchers are looking toward Five-Fingered Footwear as a possibility for “shoeless” living, with a couple main features to focus on that have always been considered truly important to both chiropodists and their patients when looking into footwear: 

Arch Support 

The importance of arch support is actually still in debate, surprisingly enough according to various researchers in the foot care field per this article in Run Repeat. Interestingly, arch support seems to lend itself most notably with a sense of safety and security with a person's soles of their feet in terms of balance and the overall feeling of security when moving about in the footwear. That said, for most people, arch support is an absolute must in order to maintain bodily health. 


In all actuality, the current focus on posture – even amongst health care providers – does also hearken back to martial arts enthusiasts that have always stressed focus in their training and forms, (aka katapractice) and regimens. 

Aside from going against the grain of fashion, health concerns regarding patients with foot problems should be considered when considering Five Fingered Shoes. These problems include: Club Foot, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel and Bone Spurs, Claw Toe (when one toe joint points upwards while another points downwards) and Stone Bruise (allegedly caused by poor footwear during strenuous activities) to name but a few ailments. If you’re wondering when to see a foot specialist, ask yourself these simple questions: are my feet, knees and back in pain and do I have blemishes or mysterious bumps on my feet? 

The discomfort of foot ailments is notable with those suffering from diabetes and the symptom known as Diabetic Neuropathy that is truly painful and a hindrance to much needed exercise and daily functionality. 

Compression stockings are a recent recommendation by general health practitioners to aid in blood flow within the legs and feet and curtail swelling; many athletes and those performing rigorous activities can be seen wearing these currently. 


Due to the many factors listed above, there is a persistent need for optimal footwear prescribed for each individual’s needs with a chiropodist recommendation. Five-Fingered Shoes provide yet another option that may be appropriate for a select few, though the vast majority may still need the benefits of arch support which can be found in custom orthotics and orthopedic shoes.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the five finger shoe trend for runners working out on a less than rich budget.

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