How To Raise Testosterone Levels Naturally With Exercise And Foods

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The male sex hormone which is produced by testes is known as testosterone which imparts male like characteristics in the body. While according to some research, ovaries also produce small amount of this hormone. The hormone is steroid in nature. Adrenal glands located on the top of kidneys also release this hormone in small amount. In boys as they reach the age of maturation or puberty the hormone testosterone is the key driver for many bodily changes such as increase in the muscle density, growth of hair and deepening of voice etc. All throughout the adulthood the optimal level of this hormone is needed even when males get older. The healthy and optimum level of testosterone is needed for overall health and fitness, increased sex drive and muscle density. Besides, it also lowers the risk of many diseases. In females though the hormone is released in smaller quantity it plays important role in sexual well being and health of female. 

There are some ways by which we can trigger the formation of testosterone to maintain health and fitness, without the aid of unhealthy and illegal steroids. Here are some of the easiest and natural ways to boost up the level of testosterone in the body. 

1. Physical Activity And Exercise 

One of the most effective ways to boost up the testosterone level in the body is exercise. People performing regular exercises have higher testosterone level in their bodies and hence more fitness. The resistance training program such as weight lifting is among best activities which can result in weight loss and increased production of testosterone. In the same way high level intensity training can also boost up the production of this hormone. For better results, take caffeine and creatine monohydrate after exercise. 

2. Protein Rich Diet 

Healthy eating is a key, you can take in more proteins through your diet and that could trigger the formation of more testosterone. On the other hand, bad eating habits and overeating can disrupt the production of this hormone. During resistance training carbs can help to optimize the level of testosterone. 

3. Stress Reduction & Cortisol Levels 

Long term stress elevates the level of cortisol hormone in the body which ultimately reduces the level of testosterone. The hormones testosterone and cortisol work in antagonistic manner, increase in production of testosterone decreases cortisol. It is therefore important to get rid of stress and anxiety. Balanced life styles, good  sleep habits, consistent resistance training workouts, intake of healthy diet are some positive factors contributing to the production of testosterone. 

4. Vitamin D & Sun Exposure

Vitamin D is essential for our healthy bones. There are a lot of health benefits of this vitamin according to latest scientific research. One of the greatest benefits of this vitamin is that it boosts up the testosterone production in the body. The vitamin D deficiency on the other hand has negative impact on the production of hormone. Vitamin D is produced in our body as we get sun exposure whereby fats underneath the skin are converted into vitamin D. When the vitamin is taken in the form of supplements in 3,000 IU there is 25% increase in the level of testosterone in the body. 

5. Multivitamin And Mineral Supplements 

Vitamins play important role in maintaining healthy body and prevent many diseases as well. In the same way, there are some important minerals which play important role in our body functioning. It is important to add there vitamins and minerals in diet. Intake of multivitamin and mineral supplements has been proven to increase the level of testosterone in the body and thereby it results in increased stamina and health. Vitamin B supplements along with Zinc can increase the sperm count. In athletes, Zinc can boost up the level of testosterone

6. High Quality Sleep

Good sleep is needed for health, it is as important as diet and exercise. It plays an important role in the production of testosterone in the body. People who are stressed and have to work for long hours comprising on their sleep have lesser testosterone as compared to those who get high quality sleep. Sleeping only 5 hours every night is likely to decline the production of testosterone by 15%. Scientists believe that 7-9 hours sleep is ideal and natural booster for testosterone production. 

7. Natural Testosterone Boosters 

To rule out the risk of potential side effects, the safe ways to increase testosterone naturally is the use of natural testosterone boosters. There are certain foods which boost up the production of testosterone in the body and by consuming these foods you will not require synthetic boosters for testosterone. Some of the natural testosterone boosting foods are: 

• Tuna:  The fish contains large amount of vitamin D which is essential for the production of testosterone. Eating Tuna is a natural and effective way to get high testosterone in the body. A single tuna serving fulfills the everyday requirement of Vitamin D. Salmon and Sardines are also considered effective in this regard. 

• Low Fat Or Skim Milk:  Vitamin D is essential for testosterone production. Milk is a rich natural source of vitamin D. It is also needed for strong bones and teeth. Taking a skimmed or low fat milk everyday is an ideal way to get plenty of vitamin D and keeping testosterone levels at a healthy level. 

• Egg Yolk:  Another rich source of Vitamin D is egg yolk which contains plenty of nutrients in it. While using egg, you need to know about your cholesterol level as eggs can increase cholesterol. For the people who don’t have any cholesterol issues, can eat one egg everyday to get Vitamin D naturally. 

• Oysters:  As a person reaches the age of maturity or puberty, zinc is needed by the body in specific amount. Zinc has direct effect on the production of male hormones. If you encounter low testosterone level in the body, you can take zinc supplements. These zinc supplements can increase the testosterone levels in the body naturally and effectively. Oysters are generally rich in zinc, adding oysters in the diet regularly can help to boost the zinc level in the body. In the same way, adding crabs and lobsters can help to increase the level of zinc and testosterone in the body.

Triple Testosterone Today

Testosterone levels start plunging due to multiple factors including age, stress, and medication. By improving your workouts, diet, and lifestyle choices you can still maintain a naturally high and healthy test level. It pays to invest in your health! 

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to raise natural testosterone levels with exercise and nutrition while staying on a tight budget.

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