Interview With Real Estate Entrepreneur Brian Setencich

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Brian Setencich is an entrepreneur operating in the field of real estate. He started his ventures when he was relatively young and now has one of the largest companies in the market. He also has a history of sizeable property transactions that make his portfolio stand out everywhere. Additionally, Brian Setencich is an avid basketball fan who has been playing for a long time. 

Why are you passionate about playing basketball on your days off? 

Because it allows me to completely focus on something non-work related for at least an hour. It also promotes physical activity which helps stay healthy. When I have the chance to shoot some baskets, I feel as if I entered a brand new world where my regular concerns evaporate. I do not have to worry about any deadlines, issues, or anything that may be the underlying cause of stress. 

On the contrary, my main priority is to make a play and beat the opponent. Experiencing such simplicity is what allows me to hit the reset button and get ready for more challenges. Also, basketball is a team-based sport where I get to combine forces with like-minded people. Meaning, we all have the same objectives that boil down to scoring and defending our side of the court. 

How did you get started playing basketball? 

It began in elementary school. I just fell in love with the sport. I really wanted to excel and improve and looked up the “Maravich” drills, which helped to improve my speed and ball-handling skills. I loved the daily individual workouts and would measure my improvement in the “pick-up” games that I participated in. I enjoyed having goals and doing what was necessary to achieve them. 

Who are your favorite basketball players? 

My favorite three players are Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Lebron James. Obviously, I would place Jordan in the top spot given that he holds six rings and six MVP titles for the finals. His skills were so ahead of everyone that I think it is fair to assume how nobody will ever come even close. Of course, Kareem also holds six rings, five of which are with the Lakers. 

Additionally, he still holds the prominent title of the all-time leading scorer for the league. It would be unfair, however, to not mention some of the current superstars. This is where Lebron comes in. As a champion who led Cleveland to multiple finals, he is a great example of how useful a player can be. Hopefully, he will be able to do the same now that he joined the Lakers! 

Is basketball the reason you’re so fit? 

Although I would not give it all the credit, it certainly has a lot to do with it. Basketball gives me the necessary cardiovascular exercise that perpetuates fat burning. Consequently, I am able to maintain a healthy body weight and consume nearly all the food that I love. Besides basketball, however, I also go on long walks, jog, and do some resistance training. That way, my body can adjust to multiple activities without specializing in anything in particular. For instance, if all I did was play basketball, my jumping skills could be incredible. Trying to lift weights and run extremely fast, however, would be quite difficult. 

What advice would you give others who want to start playing basketball as a way to stay or get fit? 

Start off by playing alone. Basketball is one of the very few ball-based sports that can be played alone. Football, baseball, and most other sports require more than one person in order to make it feasible. Thus, your goal should be to slowly ease into it by playing for a few hours every week. This is where you establish your ball-handling skills as well as your shot. Once you overcome the initial stages, look for teams where you can play fast-paced games. After a while, you will start enjoying it so much that you start feeling unnatural when you do not practice. And really, you can enjoy the basketball “workouts” your entire life, just like business.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with real estate entrepreneur and fit basketball fan Brian Setencich.

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