Getting Physical To Fight Depression

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Depression can leave you feeling fatigued, achey, uncomfortable and anxious and can be difficult to fight even with therapy and medications. The most effective non-pharmaceutical way to fight through tough bought of depression can be physical exercise. The problem is, that anyone who is depressed is not likely to want workout at all. It can be a vicious circle that is hard to break. 

Depression can cause isolation in many people making physical activity even more of a challenge. Even if you want to get out and get moving, you may end up dealing with the anxiety of leaving your comfort zone. The good news is, nothing great ever happens in a comfort zone. Even if you have to enlist a friend to workout with you or hire a trainer to keep you motivated, you won’t regret it once you start seeing positive changes. 

Take advantage of the positive effects that even a brisk walk around the block can have on your body and your mood. Exercise releases powerful endorphins into the body that can make you feel euphoric. They can also lower your blood pressure, increase your energy levels and improve awareness. Talk to your local healthcare providers about what kind of exercise is perfect for you. 


This simple activity can be done anywhere, even inside. If you aren’t sure about going out for a run, you can always have a treadmill going in the comfort of your own home. Running is a great cardiovascular and aerobic workout no matter what your level. Start out slow and see how much you can improve your endurance and enjoy those runner highs. 

Strength Training 

Hitting the weights is a great way to work off restlessness and aggression in the gym. Give yourself a challenge and watch your body grow strong. Increase your posture, balance and core strength while giving your self-esteem a nice kick. Strength training requires precision and concentration that can help you improve your cognitive powers. 


One of the oldest forms of personal fitness, Yoga can benefit anyone at any age. With equal parts meditation, focus, strength and flexibility, yoga is a great all body workout that can leave you feeling at peace. Get to know your body and concentrate on it’s function as you study the benefits of yoga poses for your depression and mood. 


Walking is a great place to start your exercise routine. Almost everyone can get out for a walk or even take a stroll on the treadmill. Even though walking is a low-impact activity it can still have a high impact on your endorphin levels, general health, endurance and blood pressure. Gather a group of friends for a daily route or take your dog out for a trip to the park. 


Getting in the pool is one of the healthiest activities for your body. It requires full body strength and coordination with very little impact on the body. There are many different styles of swimming classes from the traditional pool lengths to Zumba to get involved in.

Depression can be detrimental and even deadly. Make sure you incorporate plenty of enjoyable physical activity into your daily life to help fight or prevent it from affecting your health. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to utilize physical activity to help fight and prevent depression on a cheap budget.

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