The Best Hemp CBD Oil For Sleep: How To Choose And How Does It Affect Sleep

best hemp oil for sleep cannabidiol sleeping health benefits

What Is CBD Oil? 

CBD oil is an oil derived from cannabis sativa, a plant that you probably know as hemp. It is a member of the cannabis family like marijuana, but it’s totally legal to use across the United States. It’s not always legal to grow, but that’s not something you have to worry about. 

CBD is a shortened form of cannabidiol and was first isolated from cannabis in 1940. Since then, it has been thought to treat all kinds of issues. It turns out that it is actually fairly helpful for a lot of things related to sleep! 

How Does It Affect Sleep? 

Reduce Pain 

CBD acts as a low dose sedative, which can do wonders for any pain that you are experiencing, even if that pain is chronic. In fact, it can reduce your reliance on fast acting pain medicines over time, making your life a lot easier to deal with. 

Reduce Anxiety 

That same sedative effect of CBD oil can also help you calm your racing heartbeat and racing thoughts that often come along with anxiety issues. This allows you to deal with the issue that is causing you anxiety without having to fight your body at the same time. 

Promote Release of Melatonin 

CBD also helps to tell your brain that it's time to produce melatonin when you take it, meaning that you will get sleepier faster. This can also help you to create a set bedtime schedule, which will help you to get more rest on a regular basis. 

What Should You Watch For When Shopping? 


As you use your CBD product, you will need to slowly raise the dose that you are making as you build up resistance to the product. This is normal for products like this, so make sure you buy a product that can be taken in smaller and larger doses easily. 

THC Level 

When you are shopping for CBD products, you will want to make sure that the THC level in the product is of an acceptable level to you. THC is the psychotropic cannabinoid found in marijuana, and as such, is not legal everywhere. Even if it is legal, it still may be against your employers’ policies to have it in your system at work. 

THC will show up on a drug test, so keep that in mind when choosing a product for yourself. Most sites won’t allow you to order a product that is illegal in your state. 

Effect On Other Medicines 

You should definitely talk to your doctor before starting to use CBD oil if you have issues with your liver, kidneys or lungs. Your doctor should be able to talk you through what the different risks are for you with these hemp CBD oil products. 

Check The Reviews 

Make sure that you check the reviews for each CBD product that you are thinking about purchasing. Other customers are going to be your best friends when it comes to finding a hemp CBD oil product that actually works properly.

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