3 Ways To Gain More Memberships For Your Gym

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One of the most basic methods of improving your gym's revenues is by boosting memberships. But you might be a little rusty at taking the initiative of driving memberships. Perhaps you have never been placed in this position before, and you need tips. 

Here are a few tried-and-true methods for boosting your gym membership numbers in order to help boost revenue. 

1. Develop Targeted Membership Niches 

It might seem logical to use the wide-net approach when you're looking for memberships, but here's why this approach rarely works it leaves too much to chance. 

For example, developing a website that takes the wide-net approach of paying for generic media advertisement, then you'll probably find that your ads will be ignored. Specifically, you're not doing enough to create a compelling argument to those who might want a gym membership. 

You've got to figure out who those people are, what motivates them, what they might stand to gain by joining a gym, and then present your offer. And here's the great news: You can create as many campaign niches as you wish! 

Do you want to target working professionals? Promote lunch-hour or happy-hour activities. Would you like to attract mothers raising young children? Feature events that allow women to enjoy some healthy personal time away from the kids. Bottom line: Let your targets know that it's worth their while to purchase a membership to your gym. 

2. Always Lead With A Unique Selling Proposition 

Gyms are plentiful, since more individuals are concerned with taking good care of all aspects of their health. This means that simply advertising the physical location of your gym isn't nearly enough - you're going to have to give prospective members a darned good reason why they should invest in your business. 

Think of what you have to honestly offer your members. Do you employ background-checked daycare nannies? Are your personal trainers certified and noted in the industry? Do you have an on-site smoothie bar or a snack bar featuring keto, gluten-free or vegan meals? Think of what makes your gym stand out from the crowd and shout it from the rooftop! 

If you don';t know what your unique selling proposition is, or if you're too shy to promote your USP, then why in the world would prospective gym members think that your gym is any different from that others? 

3. Use The Power Of Urgency In Your Marketing Materials 

We've all watched commercials or have read marketing materials that feature strong calls-to-action with hard expiration dates attached. Advertisers do this on purpose in order to spur the emotional trigger of urgency

Plainly put, if the prospect feels that they're going to miss out on something they want if they don't act within a certain period of time, then chances are great that they'll act immediately. If you need to bump up your gym's membership numbers fast, then using urgency trigger needs to be part of your advertising and marketing toolkit, no questions asked. 

Get Gym Gains Growing

Keep in mind that all of these tips are prospect-facing. When you're trying to spur an increase in your business, you should always keep in mind that the prospect wants to know what's in it for them. They don't care about the features of your gym if it doesn't benefit their investment of time and money. On the other hand, when you use the right type of strategy in your marketing campaigns, then you should yourself attracting new business in a magnetic way.

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