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What's even better than frugal nutrition and dietary supplementation that helps you reach your health and fitness goals on a budget? How about FREE frugal nutrition advice and strategies to help you look and feel your best! Learn how to eat strategically for your goals while saving money on food and meal planning with free meal plans below.

Frugal Fitness experts from several countries write on dieting, performance nutrition, dietary supplements, and bodybuilding nutritional strategies on a budget. Plenty of new Frugal Fitness articles and meal plans will be added and indexed shortly so enjoy these dietary delights!


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Enjoy my new website section highlighting free healthy daily meal plans that are affordable for all types of dietary needs. Eat like a king but spend like a pauper. More free meal plans to keep you lean and energized will be added each month!

3500 Get Big Free Meal Plan  

3400 Get Big Free Meal Plan 

3300 Get Big Free Meal Plan

3200 Get Big Free Meal Plan

3100 Get Big Free Meal Plan

3000 Calorie Get Big Meal Plan  

2900 Calorie Stay Lean Meal Plan

2800 Calorie Stay Lean Meal Plan

2700 Calorie Get Lean Meal Plan

2600 Calorie Get Lean Meal Plan

2500 Calorie Get Lean Meal Plan

2400 Calorie Get Lean Meal Plan

2300 Calorie Stay Lean Meal Plan 

2200 Calorie Stay Lean Meal Plan

2100 Calorie Keep It Simple Meal Plan

2000 Calorie Simple Healthy Meal Plan 

2000 Calorie Lean Meal Plan 

1950 Calorie Lean Meal Plan

1900 Calorie Fat-Burning Meal Plan 

1900 Calories Fat Loss Meal Plan

1850 Calorie Healthy Meal Plan 

1850 Calories Get Lean Meal Plan

1700 Calorie Stay Lean Meal Plan 

1600 Calorie Lean Meal Plan

1500 Calorie Lean Meal Plan

1400 Calorie Get Lean Meal Plan 

1300 Calorie Get Lean Meal Plan

1200 Calorie Get Lean Meal Plan

Get Huge Nutrition Plan Program 

Affordable Fat Loss Meal Plan

Remember that abs are made in the kitchen, not just in the gym!

More free healthy daily meal plans and nutrition articles coming soon!

Also enjoy our Free Recipes and The Frugal Diet eBook as well as information on what the CICO diet (calories in calories out) actually entails.

Bon Appetit frugal fit friends!

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