An Overview Of Orthotics Silicone

overview orthotics silicone feet cushion heel arch foot protection

Custom orthotics or orthotics silicone are medicated shows which are used if a person faces a structural problem or other problem in the feet. These are highly popular silicon-based products which are extremely durable and are also used for a large number of medical applications. These have a cushion base and they are recommended by doctors as an aid to improve the life quality of patients. They can be in the form of bandages, supports of personal aids and gives maximized protection to the heel when inserted as a shoe liner. These are extremely helping in improving the mobility of an individual who has problems in the feet. 

Orthotics Silicone- An In-Depth Overview 

Need Of Orthotics Silicone 

Orthotics silicone is medically prescribed to people suffering from different kind of problems. These are custom made aids which can aid in correcting situations such as foot pain, flat feet with spurs, and plantar fasciitis. Such silicone medical aids can give a tremendous support to the spine. 

Following are the various ailments for which orthotics silicone is used primarily. 

Medical professionals can prescribe some orthotics silicone supports to their patients for various problems. Some of the problems are stated below where doctors prescribe such silicone aids: 

• Plantar fasciitis 
• Heel spurs 
• Heel pain 
• Tendonitis 
• Runner's knee 
• Hip and low back pain 
• Chondromalacia 
• Achilles tendonitis 
• Ilio tibial band syndrome 
• Metatarsalgia 
• Shin splints 
• Other problems 

Off The Shelf Product Or Custom Made 

Most of the time, it is observed that patients get themselves off-the-shelf orthotics silicone products for saving up on their money. Such shoes are comprised of inserts which can have varied silicone based sole and cork. They can also insert on silicone heel cups. Any of these cares not to be purchased off the shelf as it will not give the patient the high-quality convenience they expect. You can search some online shoe stores who specialize in such problem. Medical professionals often prescribe to get them custom made if it is feasible. 

custom foot orthotics silicone feet heel cushion

However, you must be sure never to buy orthotics silicone products without consulting with the chiropractor or the physician. The off the shelf products can be customised for the needs of your feet. A generic product will never help a patient who suffers from genuine feet or spine problems. These kinds of devices are designed for an average shoe or feet size and shape. Some people who suffer from conditions such as asymmetrical feet always require custom made orthotics silicone devices to get instant relief. In this case, they can consult with their doctors and physicians can suggest them the right orthotics silicone aids according to their needs. 

Importance Of Orthotics Made from silicone 

• Firstly, the precision which the fluid offers to individual foot and the high-quality mechanical action which helps in the distinguishing of the silicone-based dynamic orthotic is much better from any other general orthotics. It aids in matching the perfect way walking is made possible in a precise manner. 

• Secondly, orthotics offers a robust stationary support. This makes an interference with the momentum and the motion of the entire arch. The orthotic silicone helps in filling the arch region and the forefoot with the help of a hydrodynamic pressure. 

The long term benefits of using orthotic silicone is enormous as it helps in the realignment of the total lowered extremes and minimises any kind of wear and tear problems of your feet. You can easily use such silicone aids on regular basis, and you do not feel uncomfortable with such durable aids. To know more, you can contact your physicians.

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