Why Vegans Love Hemp-Sourced CBD Oil?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a fascinating natural component that the cannabis plants and their relatives – hemp produce. It is not the compound that elicits a hallucinatory effect, but it is the one with the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidating properties. Thousands are turning to CBD for its natural healing properties. There is enough scientific proof to convince the medical professionals and dedicated researchers in Australia to try CBD for chronic pain and mobility problems, digestive issues like IBS and stress problems. 

With compounding stress from work and lifestyle, people are looking forward to embracing healthier life choices. In the last few years, the demand for vegetarian and vegan food at restaurants increased by an unbelievable 987% in 2017. In fact, in 2018, going vegan was the most active food trend. Australia is catching on to the new food trends, and many of the informed consumers are looking for vegetarian, vegan and cruelty-free products. Veganism is no longer a fad, but a way of life that people are happily adapting as a healthy change. 

Are Your CBD Oil And Other CBD Products Vegan? 

It is only typical for the environmentally conscious and animal loving population to ask if CBD oil is vegan. CBD or cannabidiol is a plant-based product that the manufacturers derive from either cannabis or related strains. A really great source of information on this exact topic (CBD & hemp) is CBD Oil Australian .com . Therefore, CBD is undoubtedly a vegetarian product, and untreated CBD in its pure form is also vegan. The question about the products arises when they are in soft gel, balm or edible form 

Natural CBD Oil Is Always Vegan 

Full spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil is almost always 100% vegetarian and vegan. If you are buying an oil infusion, be sure that the infused elements are vegetarian or vegan too. For example – if you are purchasing full spectrum hemp CBD oil in MCT or coconut oil, you are likely dealing with a 100% vegan product. All naturally sourced CBD is vegetarian, and you can use your CBD oil free of any guilt. 

Double Check Your CBD Soft Gel Capsules 

As we know, there are several capsules out in the market that uses animal extracts for the manufacturing of the soft gel cover. So, unless you are purchasing from a manufacturer that guarantees the use of plant-derived material for the formulation of the soft gel capsules, you might not be getting a completely vegan product. Always ensure that the CBD capsules you buy are plant-based entirely. You should be able to find all relevant information regarding this on the seller or manufacturer website. 

Check The Testing Of Your CBD Personal Care Products 

Similar confusions arise when you look at the vast array of CBD skincare and personal care products. The skin creams, balms, mascaras, lipsticks and kohl don't always bear the complete information about the origin of the emulsion or base of the product. Neither do they carry labels that declare cruelty-free testing. Most CBD companies worth their salt are environmentally friendly, and they do not use animal extracts in their products. They don't even test their products on animals. However, when buying your CBD skincare items in Australia, always read the fine print. Completely vegan CBD personal care products are no longer difficult to find. 

Why Should You Invest In Hemp-Derived CBD Oil? 

Hemp has been famous across the world for various reasons for centuries. Right now, the popularity of hemp and hemp oil is catching up with the Australian population as well. Here's why all vegetarians and vegans should try hemp derived full spectrum CBD oil

1. It Has All The Good Fats 

The debate over good and bad fats is never-ending. However, we can confidently state that if you are looking for a vegan source of omega 3-fatty acids and omega 6-fatty acids, then hemp derived CBD will not let you down. One-third of the content of Natural hemp seed oil is essential fatty acids. When manufacturers use hemp-derived CBD in their products, along with the cannabinoids, they also include the essential fatty acids. These essential fats can delay the onset of rheumatoid arthritis as well as help decrease the symptoms of ADHD. 

2. It Is A Vegan Source Of Proteins 

While vegans are helping make the world a better place, they are frequently at a disadvantage when they have to seek a source of protein. Vegetarians find it easier since they can supplement the protein in their diet with milk, and milk products, but vegans cannot do that either. 

Did you know? Hemp oil is a reliable source of protein. Every 100 grams of seeds contains approximately 31.56 grams of protein. Hemp-derived CBD oil includes a significant amount of essential amino acids and proteins in addition to cannabidiol. That is the primary reason most hemp-derived CBD skincare products are great for preserving youthful skin and the capsules work as excellent nutritional supplements. 

3. Hemp Is A Rich Source Of Antioxidants 

Hemp oil has incredibly high antioxidant content. Oxidation in our bodies produces free radicals that are responsible for tissue damage. One of the most common manifestations of oxidation damage is hyperpigmentation and wrinkling of the skin. 

CBD oil in your regular face cream or serum can not only prevent the oxidative damage to your skin but also reverse some of the damage already there. Cannabidiol also has Vit C and Vit E, which are both crucial for skin health. 

4. It Has Vitamin B 

Several Vitamin B compounds exist in natural hemp-derived CBD oil. While it is common in grains, legumes and beans, it is present in copious amounts in the hemp oil variants. Any CBD oil coming from the hemp plant also has a flurry of Vit B complexes. It contains Vit B1, B3, and B5. 

5. CBD Is The Main Ingredient 

When you purchase a full spectrum, or pure hemp derived CBD from reputed manufacturers, you can be sure that the oil contains the promised percentage of CBD. CBD has anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects on the body. It is excellent for the treatment of all kinds of muscle and joint pain. Rubbing a little bit of CBD oil (with or without your regular pain balm) can have an instant relaxing effect on your tight muscles. 

Go For Very High Quality Vegan CBD Oil

Hemp-derived CBD oil is full of natural goodness. Apart from being completely vegan, it is also completely eco-friendly. Always purchase your CBD oil and other CBD products from the right sources to ensure that you are getting your money's worth.

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