Finding Affordable Montreal Personal Training Services

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Finding the right personal trainer can be a challenge at times. The reason though is because every person is different, and your needs are different even when it comes to what you need in a personal trainer. While you may want one who’s diverse, you want to ensure that the personal trainer is going to help you with your fitness needs are in regards to helping bulk up, discovering what the best gains for you are, or if you’re losing weight, what the best exercises and methods are there to help you do so. Not only that, but personal trainers need to be able to push you to your limits (and sometimes past), but just shy of your breaking point properly with motivation, and not tear you down. Their job is to build you up. 

What About Certifications? 

Anyone can say they’re a personal trainer, but Canada is very strict on those who are actually operating a business. Make sure that your trainer is certified in Canada and has received a degree (usually certifications) and a business license. You also want to ask questions on any health certifications that they’ve received, because accidents can happen, and you need to know they have the proper medical training that it takes in order to act as a first responder should you need one. 

References Are Key 

Don’t just rely on their website, or even their portfolio of clients for references. Be sure to ask a lot of questions about previous clients that have needs similar to yours. Not only that, but you can even be sure to ask for detailed information too. Ask for names and phone numbers. If the client says they can’t share that information via their policy, fine. But you can ask for someone’s name that has had a similar story to yours (or do your homework online). 

Talk To Your Trainer 

You need to develop a good professional relationship with your trainer because this will greatly help when it comes to different avenues of your course. They’re supposed to keep you in a positive mentality, like a coach, and not someone who can put you down and make you think negative thoughts. This will also help them get to know you and help them when you hit bumps in the road, or help you get over humps in your workout and personal training plan. 

Do not, and we can’t stress this enough, fall in love with your personal trainer. It is their job to do their job and be close to their clients, but there are boundaries that are extremely important here (we’ve all heard the horror stories of relationships gone wrong) as well, when it comes to their personal lives and space. 


Finding the right fitness trainer in Montreal is actually pretty easy. Not only that, but at gyms like Train Fitness Studio, you can actually get in with the good guys and have all of the personal training you need, as well as feel free to sign up for their other courses. You can actually incorporate solo training with a personal trainer as well, and they generally have trainers that can work with your busy lifestyle schedule.

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