Choosing A Gestational Surrogate

choosing gestational surrogate pregnancy

Newport Beach gestational surrogacy is on the rise. Many people are opting to use surrogates for a wide variety of reasons including infertility issues, sexual orientation, and advancements in IVF (in-Vitro Fertilization). 

There are few decisions in your life that are as important as choosing a gestational surrogate. It is a challenging choice that will affect you for the rest of your life. 

Gestational surrogacy is a very personal decision and it is why most people choose a surrogate that is a family member or friend. However, considering the following factors will help make your decision much easier: 

Medical History 

The health of your surrogate will matter immensely to the success of the pregnancy and eventual childbirth. You should first evaluate a possible surrogate’s medical history before selecting them. 

First and foremost, you want a surrogate with good health which improves the chances of a successful pregnancy. You should also check for preexisting conditions in the medical history that may be transferred to your child during pregnancy. 

Moreover, you should look for a surrogate with at least one successful pregnancy and childbirth in her history. The more successful pregnancy a surrogate has, the higher the chances that your pregnancy will be successful. 


You should scrutinize a potential surrogate’s lifestyle habits to ensure they are a good candidate. We are all a combination of our habits so our habits tell all you need to know about us. 

You want a surrogate who lives a healthy lifestyle. Evaluate her diet and exercise regimen to ascertain she is in shape to handle a pregnancy. 

You should also ensure that their lifestyles are conducive to carrying a child and does not include negative habits such as excessive drinking, smoking, or any other substance abuse. 


Having someone else carry your child comes at a cost. In fact, the emotional cost of pregnancy that you are passing on to the surrogate will be reflected in their payment. 

You should get a surrogate that you can afford even though they may not meet all your requirements. Compromise will be necessary to find an affordable surrogate. 

Legal Issues 

There are many legal issues surrounding gestational surrogacy. The laws in the United States vary from state to state so it will depend on where the surrogate and you reside. 

A lawyer will be of major assistance in this regard and you should not spare any expense if you want a successful pregnancy. 


Of all the issues outlined above, the relationship you have with your surrogate might be the most important. It will determine the entire surrogacy and pregnancy

If you already have a relationship with the person you choose as a surrogate, it can be extremely helpful when dealing with the outfalls of the pregnancy. The better the relationship, the better you can deal with any issues that arise. 

If it is someone you don’t know, you should get to know them and see how the relationship develops. You will be entrusting your child to someone else for the most important part of their lives so you should find a surrogate who will treat the child as if it were their own.

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