Using CBD Oil To Lose Weight - What Are The Effective Benefits?

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Is there anything that cannabidiol oil cannot help with? Anxiety, depression, acne, pain, inflammation, arthritis, cancer, seizures and various neurological disorders can all be treated with CBD. This natural product is quickly numerous traditional prescriptions and over the counter drugs as the preferred treatment for all these medical conditions. 

What has even spurred more popularity of the product, after it's legalization in almost all states is recent studies that show you can use CBD oil to lose weight. Given the fact that the weight loss industry is worth over $60 billion in the united states alone, it's pretty obvious that people are willing to spend money on any product that helps them shed weight, without any severe side effects. 

CBD oil has been attributed with numerous benefits and it's one promising solution for losing weight. In this reading, we are going to discuss more about using CBD oil to lose weight and whether or not it can work for you. 

First And Foremost, What Is CBD? 

Scientifically referred to as cannabidiol, CBD is one of the many compounds found in cannabis. However, most people tend to think that it has the same effect as consuming marijuana, which is far from the truth. CBD, unlike THC (the compound found in weed that makes you high), is not psychoactive. In fact, it helps suppress appetite and food cravings, which seems counterintuitive, given the fact that cannabis has a reputation for giving the users uncontrollable munchies. 

CBD works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a psychological system that controls most of the bodily functions like mood, pain, sleep, temperature, appetite, etc. Cannabidiol affects the ECS system receptors to improve homeostasis which translates to wellness. 

Can You Use CBD Oil To Lose Weight? 

So, does cannabidiol help with weight loss or is this just a huge scam? Well, unlike THC, cannabidiol does not stimulate your appetite. It works to relax the region in your brain responsible for hunger and eating. This results in a reduction in the desire to overeat when feeling stressed or when craving those tasty snacks or burgers. 

CBD is also known to help stimulate metabolism via fat browing. This might be a relatively new term for most people. The body has different types and colors of fat- white and brown fat. The former is what is visible and what you attempt to shed when you get into a diet and exercise regime. However, it's hard to lose and accumulates pretty quickly, thus making your overweight and obese, which results in a wide array of health problems. 

Brown fat, on the contrary, is rich in mitochondria that are full of iron. When brown fat burns, via a process referred to as thermogenesis, it burns calories. CBD helps to lose weight by transforming white fat into brown fat, which burns calories. It also stimulates genes and proteins that force oxidation and ideally minimizes the production of white fat cells. 

People who have taken CBD oil on a regular basis have reported a reduction in waist circumference and an overall loss of weight which minimizes the risk of cardiovascular conditions. Not only that, but CBD also helps alleviate chronic pain and inflammation, thus allowing you to be more active and engage in workouts, which again ultimately results in shedding weight. 

How To Use CBD To Lose Weight 

There's a wide array of CBD supplements that can be included in your weight loss regime. CBD oil is placed under the tongue while the capsules are often consumed together with food. Another popular method of administering CBD is through vaping. If you don't like the idea of smoking, you can also choose CBD edibles such as chewing gums, which are especially useful for suppressing the urge to eat on a constant basis. 

It's ideally advisable to start slow as there's no official dosage from the FDA and so, the right dosage varies from individual to individual. Take the product gradually and assess how your body reacts in order to find the ideal CBD dosage.

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