5 Reasons To Be Dressed For Success

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The average woman spends around $125,000 throughout her lifetime. Some people may look at that figure and think it’s absurd. Why would anyone spend so much on clothing? But stop for a second. It turns out there may be a good reason to keep up (or take up) the habit. Man or woman, there are many benefits to being dressed for success. Keep reading to discover five ways in which the investment might be well worth it. 

5 Reasons To Be Dressed For Success 

Dressing for success may sound like a fanciful idea. But of all strategies that exist to ensure achievement, this one has proven successful. Here’s why it pays to dress better… 

1. First Impressions Are Important 

The way we present ourselves is important. We may be taught that we shouldn’t judge people by their looks. But we inevitably do. It impacts the judgments people make of us. First impressions are made almost instantaneously. You wouldn’t wear jeans and a t-shirt for a corporate job interview. Not unless you want to be laughed out of the room. Dressing appropriately and looking sharp are sure-fire ways to make a positive first- impression, including professional business accessories

2. Get Treated More Seriously 

The way you dress gives you a level of control over how others react to you. In essence, what we wear showcases who we are to those around us. Being well-dressed means people judge you accordingly. Dress well and you’re seen as worthy of their time. They want to be in your company. They’ll take your opinions seriously and treat you with respect. 

3. Feel More Confident 

When you look good, you feel good. Dressing sharply and in a way that matches the situation will create greater feelings of self-confidence and respect. When you look good, you get positive feedback. That feedback gives your self-esteem a much-needed boost. This mindset sets you up for continued success in your personal and professional lifestyle

4. Improved Professional Performance 

It’s been found that people who dress well perform better in their roles. It’s no small wonder when you consider the aforementioned boost in confidence and self-esteem. Simply put, confidence enables you to overcome challenges, embrace the opportunity, and feel in control. Likewise, knowing that others think highly of you will keep you focused and motivated. All of these elements equate to success. 

5. Earn More Money 

That’s right. It’s been shown that well-dressed people actually earn higher salaries. When you make powerful first impressions and lead with confidence, you tend to perform better. Job performance usually leads to promotions and with that, wage increases and more opportunities for advancement. 

Look Good, Feel Good, And Succeed 

There you have it: why there’s something to be said for being dressed for success. Man or woman, we’re all likely to spend thousands of dollars on clothing throughout our lifetime. Many people may say such expenditure is unnecessary. However, in terms of the benefits of dressing well, the expense is arguably more than worth it. So, when you head on your next shopping spree, view it as an investment rather than frivolous spending. Looking for more clothing related advice? Click here to discover which color clothing to wear in an interview.

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