Artificial Womb - A Reality In The Making

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Having children might be at the back of your mind, but the whole experience of pregnancy might turn you off. This concept of baby born in artificial womb is a reality that is expected to emerge in the days to come. This is a phenomenon that is about to take centre stage. Though the bigger question that arises is that whether the society is ready for it or not. 

This phenomenon is termed as ectogenesis, where the development of a baby takes place outside the womb from the stage of fertilization to full pregnancy is expected to be dominated by ethical and legal matters rather than technological issues. For all those who embrace technology with open arms without any form of reservation would be waiting with their arms open. But certain others could find the prospect a lot disturbing. 

The Technology State 

For infants who are lower than 23 weeks the survival rates are on the lower side. Though the absolute age of survival is expected to be 21 weeks and 5 days which did emerge in Canada in 1987 and once again in 2010. The main issues that spring up with new born babies is development of their lungs as they are not that strong to sustain life. This could be the case when the fetus is even treated before birth to encourage lung development and then you need to support it with mechanical ventilation. 

For development of fetal viability, the lungs are the foundation. This has been the major topic of discussion when it comes to matters of artificial child or even adopting issues. But as per the lung policy which is part of the new development, ensuring the modern concept of viability a lot obsolete. 

A point to be considered is that the entire situation is not going to find a lot of changes, if better lung assist is brought into play. They are termed as artificial patterns; as they go on to occupy a major chunk of the artificial placenta along with the lungs of mother. 

Till now our discussion has been related to artificial placenta. Once you go on to perfect the version there are expected to be improvements. The blood dialysis machines along with a host of other procedures that we are going to understand will be used at a parallel level with artificial placenta. This is going to lead up to the versions 3.0 and 4.0 

The medical scientists are looking at ways to enhance the levels of gestation; some researches are in fact taking the opposite direction. What is the time frame that we are going to take in allowing a fertilized egg to be developing in a lab? Researches of late have come to the opinion that the procedure could go on to take place outside the womb for around 13 days. 

If science takes on the cue where the premature birth front, and even the implantation go on to font there is for sure going to be a point where the two paths merge.

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