7 Best Wearable Tech Devices

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As we advance towards the future, we continuously find ourselves surrounded by technological gizmos of all shapes, sizes, and purposes. Be it automated vacuum cleaners or solar-powered parking meter, tech gadgets are a great blessing as they enable us to live our lives in a much more convenient and efficient way. 

Listed below are 7 small devices we can use for convenience, with features that make our lives a lot more interesting not only easy. For example, there are devices that help individuals with disabilities to cope with life as one without any disability would. To say the least, these gadgets are extremely brilliant in concept and function. And if you use them with care, you will be able to use them for long. Well, at least until the fast- evolving world of technology comes to offer you something still smarter to serve the purpose much more effectually. You may however need the internet to access features on some of these inventions. For that matter, you must make sure you get a good internet service so there is limited resistance in the application of these master-pieces of hardware (if you are in need we suggest you click here for extremely affordable internet and phone bundle offers). 

Top 7 Best Wearables Products


These are headphones which will enhance the quality of your sleep. These headphones allow you to switch off your mind and senses from the outside world and relax. You can sleep, study, or do whatever it is that you want to do with the help of this tiny piece of seemingly miraculous hardware produced to help you sever the outside noise that is either a source of annoyance in your quiet moments or interferes with your concentration level. 

Amazon Echo 

It is the first ever speaker designed to be controlled by your voice. It plays all your music from Prime Music, Spotify, and Pandora. It fills the room with immersive, 360ยบ Omni-directional audio. It hears you from across the room, thanks to far-field voice recognition, even while music is playing. Echo can also answer your questions, read the news, report traffic and weather, and do much more. In fact it will even controls lights, switches, and thermostats for you. And the best part is that it is compatible with many smart home devices. 

Mosquito Repelling Gear 

Whenever someone plans to camp out in the greater outdoors, the one essential thing he/she is advised to carry with him/her is a mosquito repelling lotion. The natural outdoors is an ideal habitat for infectious insects to flourish. And they certainly don’t like it when they have to share the space with a bunch of humans. You can take this risk, but with precaution or else you’re in for a battle you’re doomed to lose. 

There is a digital startup that promises to end this trauma by offering Nopixgo wristband. But what does it do? The second you wear it on your wrist and turn it on, it starts emitting weak electromagnetic signals to repel mosquitoes. These signals give the impression of a storm in the atmosphere, which makes the mosquitos hide and run off to their very own nooks and crannies. What it essentially does is drive them away from you so you can be rendered safe and secure from those nasty bites without having to apply a chemical-based lotion that usually stinks. If you don’t take such a precaution, you will most certainly wake up in the morning only to find your body covered with itchy bites. 


I’m sure you have a fear of losing your pet. There might have been several occasions when you thought you had lost your cat and later found it hiding in the courtyard, the store, or somewhere you could not even imagine. For such moments, there is Nuzzel - a pet tracker that monitors the location of your pet. It is an easy to understand device that will give you the exact location of your pet at all times on your smartphone. It also gives directions while you take them out on a walk. 

Life-Saving Devices 

A uniquely designed bracelet that will help you when you are in an emergency. By pressing the button on the bracelet, you will be able to send your location details to your contacts. 


Hearables are popularly known as smart headphones wearable technology. They are wearables that act as an electronic in-ear-device designed for multiple purposes, ranging from wireless transmission, communication objectives, medical monitoring, and fitness tracking. You can also play some music. Storage is provided for storing music so you do not have to carry your mp3 with you. 

Mind Reading 

Tech scientists have developed a brain decoder that claims to hear your inner thoughts. Although quite a few may just be ticked off by the idea, truth is this is more than just about spying on your secret thoughts; it could prove to be an invaluable method of communication for people who have lost the ability to speak. 


These are the top 7 wearables that have gained much popularity in recent times. These top new tech gadgets are one of a kind, as each of them serves a very useful purpose in easing the daily grind of our lives.

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