6 Tips To Rank Your Websites Higher On Search Engines Like Google

seo tips how to rank websites higher search engine google

Did you know that about 90% of all your online experiences originate from a top search engine like Google or Bing? 

People conduct searches every day, which makes it crucial for businesses to optimize their sites to improve search engine ranking. A higher ranking on search engines would help your business obtain new leads and continue to grow. 

In this Frugal Finance article, we'll provide you a great list of tips that are foolproof in improving your search engine ranking. If you need help increasing your search engine ranking on Google, keep reading. 

So without much ado, let’s dive right into the wide world of search engine optimization, also known as SEO. 

Prioritize Building Backlinks

Links play a critical role in improving search engine rankings. It is one of the top-ranking factors for the king of all things SEO: Google. When the discussion is lead towards enhanced search engine rankings, then, the attraction of links from trustworthy and reputable sites is quintessential. Top websites don’t go along distributing links: you require some outreach to earn their links. You will need connections from webmasters, bloggers, publishers, and some content press. Outreach would require dedication and time. Getting recognition, however, would bring a tremendous impact on the business exposure and search engine rankings. It would also assist your target audience in discovering your company and products. 

Fully Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Websites Are The Best 

You can improve your search engine rankings after the launch of a highly responsive website. Responsive sites allow websites to automatically adapt to user devices. Whether a customer looks you up through their laptops, cellphone, tabs, or whatnot, they should be able to navigate through your website with zero difficulties and read your content with peace. Create a responsive website that works effectively on smartphones as well as on tablets and desktops.

It's best to have a website redesign plan and make your website responsive. If you don’t have a responsive website, then you are already at risk of having decreased rankings. Mobile-friendliness is a top-ranking factor for Google. It has recently begun to index and crawl sites mobile-first since more website traffic now comes from mobile devices than desktop computers. 

Create SEO-Friendly Content 

The foundation for improving search engine rankings is none other than Content. They've been saying that "content is king" for nearly two decades now and it continues to be true. 

Which is why content marketing has grown tremendously over the last few years. It generates six times more conversions for a business than traditional marketing. You cannot publish any content and expect results. You would need content explicitly written optimized for search engines and their users. 

While researching on pocket-friendly SEO practices in a blog outreach guide, we came compiled some top techniques and tactics help you create SEO- friendly content: 

- Extensive research on the target audience, keywords, and relevant topics 

- incorporating keywords into content, header tags, and also meta tags 

- Publishing content on fast and fully-responsive websites 

- Promotion of content to influencers in the SEO industry 

Looking at studies has brought this fact to our attention that skyscraper content is the powerhouse for success. This content would serve as a complete guide to your users. It needs to answer initial questions that they might have (like what should they do remove bedbugs from under their beds) and also follow-up questions (like which products are most helpful). 

Keyword Optimization 

Keywords are the Rosetta Stone to your SEO campaign. Users conduct searches by using key terms and phrases for the generation of relevant search engine results. If you wish for your business to be listed at the top, then keyword optimization is critical for you. 

You can find the right keywords for your campaign by conducting keyword research through specific tools that help you find relevant terms. Ubersuggest is one of the companions that SEO specialists would vouch for. It would not only help you find keywords but also reveal its search volume. 

The placement of key terms on your content is something that needs to be done with the utmost efficiency. 

Better UX Earns The Top Spot 

Any website with excellent user experience (UX) is likely to gain a better search engine ranking. It is one thing to welcome leads to your page but attracting them long enough to stay, is entirely different. 

The user experience is how your target audience views your site. You need to give them a memorable experience when they check you out online. It is your responsibility to create compelling, engaging, and relevant content for your viewers. The more time they spend on your website, the more likely are they to convert. 

Sometimes, the mere addition of a video or graphic is all it takes to spice up your website. The use of significant elements of engagement will help you maintain and expand your customer base. 

Lean Loading: Site Speed Matters More Than You Think 

While you are trying to improve your rankings, consideration on your site speed is a must. Users hate sites that make them wait too long and have slow-loading pages. Users expect quick access to information. 

Remember the ’three seconds or less’ rule. If your page is slower than that, then the viewers would bounce from your site. Higher bounce-rates hurt your ranking, and Google will tag you as a non-user-friendly site. 

You can improve your site’s speed by reducing the size of images. Cleaning up code, enabling browser caches, and fixing all the broken links is an ideal path to site speed improvement. In all honesty, a few adjustments can make a world of difference in your website search engine optimization. 

SEO Like A Pro 

The search engine ranking is your website’s position on search results when anyone conducts a basic search. You may hear people saying that improving search engine ranking is crucial, but that’s just a limited and incomplete perspective. 

You can improve your rankings by altering your perspective on search engines and help your target audiences reach out to you. For them to find you, your website needs to appear on the top page of results. Remember that around three quarters of people don’t bother to go past page one of Google. If you fail to improve your search engine ranking then you end up losing much traffic, which translates into a loss of visitors and an eventual loss in revenue. Missing out on potential conversions and not investing in an SEO strategy would cost you a lot more than you can perceive at the moment. 

Grow On Google

SEO will help you in driving positive outcomes for the business. It will increase your rankings on search engines and attract leads to your first page. Get to your websites now and start evaluating them for search engine optimization improvements!

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