5 Latest Ways To Choose Wardrobe Designs For A Bedroom

how to choose wardrobe design bedroom home interior

A bedroom is ideally your sanctuary. It ought to have enough room to store your personal items and be a superb place to unwind, sleep and make plans for the next day. So to fulfill that, your sanctuary needs to be dreamlike and oftentimes the need for storage and functionality dominates the desire for style, your style. This results in a bedroom that feels cluttered and even lackluster. 

In that case, a wardrobe seems to be the ultimate guide to storage and most people would agree that a wardrobe is as imperative to the home just as a sofa or a bed. A wardrobe is not just a space to keep your clothes; it also adds depth and personality to your room so you need to get it right. 

Our clothes define us and wearing good clothes not just makes us look good, it makes us feel good too. And some researches show that the clothes we wear actually changes the way we perform. Clothes help us build character. That’s how powerful clothes are! And that is why it is necessary for an individual to be mindful of having a wardrobe that he can be proud of. 

Since, we all lust after spacious and fashionably designed wardrobes we can help you to draw inspiration from these wardrobes at Urban ladder and get your own. Choosing between the right style and functionality for wardrobe and the rest of your bedroom furniture can be tricky, so understand your preferences and know what caters to your needs and then buy furniture online at Urban ladder where you can select the best wardrobe designs for your bedroom


Colours help liven up our room, so be very sure while choosing a colour that will match the colour of, and bring a sense of life to your room. Chrome colour designs will give a luxurious style and make your room brighter with the help of lights. Then, there is dope colour that will give a gentle look to your room, which is also quite modern. You can also think about choosing a dramatic and classy look with colour blocks on the wardrobe or two solid colours for each block that match with the décor of the room. Finally, shades of wood can make your room look elegant. 


Do not underestimate the power of design when selecting not just a wardrobe but any other furniture for that matter. Designs give you style. Wardrobes comes in various designs like, Classic style, French door closet, Kabat design wardrobe, Toscana wardrobe , printed wardrobe, floor to ceiling wardrobe and so on. Depending on the décor of your room and of course your convenience, choose your style wisely. 


Know what type of wardrobe you are looking for- a built-in wardrobe or a free standing one, double door or single door with cabinets, sliding two door wardrobes or wardrobe doors with mirrors or a transparent wardrobe. Recognize your needs first then comes the realisation of you actually need. 


Another factor to be sure about is the kind of storage you need for your clothing collection. Presuming, you primarily have dresses and formal wear, so make sure you have sufficient hanging space. If your wardrobe has tons of accessories, then opt for one with multiple drawers so that you can organize different kinds of accessories in every drawer. Again, choose carefully. 


Note the size of the available floor space and the height of the ceiling before selecting your wardrobe, also check the height of the clothing rod as well. For blouses, skirts and pants, an elevation of 45 inches should suffice, you can also opt for deeper shelves for more storage. But make sure that the total measurement is not more than 15 inches, if not, your apparel will not be accessible. 

Be certain that you maintain sufficient space between the rest of your bedroom furniture and the wardrobe for easy movement and your room to not be packed. Sometimes wardrobes block the source of lighting in the bedroom if not selected accordingly and placed properly.

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