How To Complete Online Paraphrasing In 30 Minutes?

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Paraphrasing is not as easy as one may think and attached a time limit to it can make you feel overwhelmed. This can all change with online paraphrasing because of the tools we have available. It may take you a while to find the most appropriate tools to work for you, but it is not impossible. You can read through some reviews and find some who are rated highly. This just eliminates all of the options that won’t be worth your time. 

Many successful writers still find it challenging to paraphrase because it does take time and commitment. Sometimes there are tasks you have to get done quickly and you just don’t have the hours it takes to commit to the process. These tips will help you win the battle in half an hour or less. The main component here is that you stay committed. Get rid of all the distractions and you would be able to get it done on time. 

Understand The Content 

Start by familiarizing yourself with the content you are trying to rewrite. This should always be the start to paraphrasing. Once you grasp what the original writer wanted to say, it becomes a lot easier to paraphrase. It is when you don’t understand that causes you to constantly go back to the text to read it again. This can take up a lot of time and is especially frustrating when you are in a hurry. If you were to auto paraphrase using a tool or software, this becomes a quick process, but some people want to do it themselves. 

Compare The Two Versions 

This is really all paraphrasing is about. Rewriting content and then comparing it to what has been written. The meaning or message should remain the same, but you have to word it differently. You can do this by shortening sentences. It is effective and does not take up a lot of time to get right. Of course, you cannot simply split the sentence and rewrite it in the same way. The plagiarism detectors will still pick it up. 


If you are in a great hurry, you can always find someone to do it for you. Doing a similarity check is much easier for these professionals because they have the appropriate software to do it. There are also some tools you can use online and it works fairly easily. A simple copy and paste method is used and you get your results instantly. If you are working on something that is serious, you can use the paid versions or ask a professional paraphraser to help. The charges will range according to how many words you need to have paraphrased. If the content isn’t much, you will be surprised at how low these costs are. 

How Do You Paraphrase In A Hurry? 

Having the ability to paraphrase quickly can be an asset to any writer or student. When you are trying to upload content to your website, it becomes even more crucial. There is so much already out there and one has to be careful to avoid the plagiarism accusation. No one wants their website to be ranked lower because of plagiarism issues. Take your time when you are paraphrasing important content. Those extra few minutes can make the world’s difference. Always proofread and edit your paraphrased work to give yourself the best chance of succeeding.

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