All You Need To Know About Breast Augmentation Recovery!

all about breast augmentation recovery boob job healing

There were nearly 17.7 million minimally-invasive and surgical cosmetic procedures performed in the US in 2018. 

Breast augmentation is one of them! 

Women choose to undergo this process for many reasons that include fuller and shapelier breasts, restore volume after losing weight or pregnancy or simply for a firmer look. 

While for some women, getting breast implants is a way to boost their self-confidence, others choose to reshape their breasts for various conditions. 

If you are considering the same, make sure to take your time and then decide, whether the procedure is right for you. Talk to your cosmetic surgeon, and discuss possible risks, recovery and follow-up care. 

Since every woman’s body is unique, learning post-surgery expectations and recovery can help patients better prepare for a life-transforming experience. 

When it comes to recovery stages, it might take six weeks or more on average depending on patient to patient. Here’s a complete guide to know about how you can recover after getting breast implants into your natural shape: 

The Post-Surgery Stage 

As you wake up after the surgery, you might feel dizzy or sore, but these effects will wear off in a couple of hours. However, you must ensure to have someone drive you home and stays with you overnight. 

The First Week 

The first few days can be the most uncomfortable post-surgery period. You will likely be prescribed medication, pain killers, injections or pain pump to ease the discomfort. Your breast might be covered with gauze and have drainage tubes or you might need to wear a surgical bra, easily-removable shirt or a button-down top. 

You will be recommended to begin at-home massage techniques and moderate exercises to achieve natural-looking results. You will likely be required to go for follow-up visits. 

While most women manage the postoperative discomfort with painkillers, a majority of women can return to their work schedule about ten days following surgery. 

The Next Few Weeks 

At this stage in breast augmentation recovery, patients are encouraged to resume their normal routine, and with doctor approval, participate in light activities and lower body exercises

However, you still need to avoid heavy lifting, intense aerobic activity, or jarring activities like horseback riding, running or intense workouts. 

The pain is minimal at this stage, but those with labor-intensive jobs are advised to stay out of work for at least three weeks. 

Full Recovery 

One month following the surgery, you will begin to notice some of the breast augmentation results. They will start to come to their natural position. You can gradually resume your workout routine and start wearing your push-ups or sports bra. 

Scar tissues will start to heal and eventually fade over time and blend in your skin color. Further, these scars will be completely faded off in the two year mark if taken proper care. 

It’s widely advised that you schedule follow-up appointments following your surgery to consult your surgeon about the outcomes. They will check the incision site to ensure the healing process, and to confirm satisfactory results. 

Post Breast Augmentation Tips 

To recover quickly, follow the post-surgery instructions provided by your doctor. Also, check out a few more tips to speed up your recovery: 

- Avoid taking medicines on your own. 
- Take your doctor’s approval to moisturize the target area to avoid stretch marks. 
- Control the urge to rip off your bandages as it can cause infection. - Get a good sleep as this will speed up the process. 
- Do not wear tight-fitted clothes initially after the surgery. 
- Do not sleep on your sides, instead, rest upright having pillows put behind your back. 
- Avoid wearing restrictive bras like sports bras
- If you feel extreme pain or experience swelling or bleeding, call your doctor right away. 
- Don’t be afraid if you feel a lack of sensation or hypersensitivity in the nipples post-surgery; as it is normal and will calm down in a matter of hours. 


Breast augmentation is an excellent option for any woman who wants to alter the shape and size of their breasts. However, consultation with your cosmetic surgeon regarding medical history, allergies, and breastfeeding is noteworthy!

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