5 Home Remedies For Damaged Curly Hair

home remedies damaged curly hair

Curly hair is widely cherished by all girls of all ages. Curly hair adds a certain personality to the overall look. There are many with straight hair that want to curl their hair using chemical treatments. Everybody loves curly hair, except the ones who are blessed with it. 

Curly hair comes with its own share of responsibilities. It is often prone to damage, frizz, and is seen as the hair type that demands a lot of maintenance. The inherent dryness of this type of hair makes it difficult to manage. 

Unfortunately, there are not enough products for curly hair in the market as there are for other types of hair. Poorly maintained curly hair can be damaged quickly leaving you no other option than to cut them. Curly hair can be extra sensitive to chemicals and it is important to avoid agents such as sulfate in your products to prevent drying. 

Keeping the products minimal and opting for natural ingredients for maintenance can be beneficial for the curls. Curly hair can be a blessing in disguise if maintained properly and in the right way. 

All you need to maintain the bouncy and frizz-free curls are some ingredients from the kitchen and maybe your garden to prepare packs and oil. You can also buy herbal oil online for your lovely locks to avoid inconvenience. 

5 Home Remedies To Maintain Curly Hair 

Aloe Vera Hair Pack 

Aloe Vera is a solution to almost any skin or hair problem. Be it skin rash or dandruff. Aloes form a protective layer on your hair protecting it from heat and pollution. It also locks in moisture keeping frizz and dryness away from the curls. Aloe Vera also strengthens your hair. 

How To Use 

You can peel off an aloe vera leaf, remove the gel and grind it till it becomes easy to apply the liquid gel. You can apply this to your hair for 30 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. 

You can also mix aloe vera with your conditioner for an added shine to your hair. Do not forget to filter out the liquid before applying. The tiny aloe sediments might be hard to wash away. 

Oil Massage 

Oiling your scalp has a lot of proven benefits for your overall body. Do not dry wash your hair. i.e always apply oil before washing your hair with shampoo. Hair wash rips moisture off your hair. 

Applying oil locks some moisture and avoids frizz. Oils such as coconut or olive oils are great in boosting moisture. You can also check out herbal oil online and buy oil that caters to your specific need. 

Onion Juice 

Are you worried about the slow hair growth rate when it comes to the curls? It is hard to notice growth when it comes to curly hair. If you feel your hair growth rate is slower than normal, onion juice is the remedy for you. 

The sulfur content in onions aids hair growth. Massaging your hair with onion juice once a week increases blood circulation to your hair follicles. Onion also regenerates hair follicles and is a great home remedy to save thinning hair. You can also mix curd or aloe vera juice to the juice for an added boost of nourishment. 

Apart from the weekly pampering, it is important to avoid certain actions that will damage your curls. Here are a few additional tips for healthy and damage-free curls. 

Tips To Maintain Curly Hair 

Do Not Brush Your Hair When It Is Dry 

Dry hair is more prone to breakage. Instead, You can detangle your hair with your fingers after applying conditioner or detangle your hair gently. 

Avoid Styling Products 

Be it blow-drying or straightening tools, avoid frequent usage of them as the heat damages the cuticles 

Choose The Right Products 

Avoid strong chemicals and cleansing strong chemicals and use products that are curly hair friendly. Cleansing agents can make your hair dry and frizzy. 

Wash The Scalp 

Avoid washing the tips of your hair every time you wash your hair. Wash your scalp twice a week and the hair once in 10 days. Excessive washing can make your hair and this will cause breakage. 

Use Satin Pillow 

Your hair is prone to frizz with all the twists and turns one does in their sleep. The friction caused by the pillows can damage the hair. Satin pillowcases are gentle on the hair and will not cause any damage. 

Your hair is your crown and the more love you give your hair, it loves you back. Caring for this hair type is going to bless you with curls that everyone envies.

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