5 Ways To Improve Your Logistics Management

how to improve business logistics management

Do you need to improve your logistics management? From warehouse operations to last-mile logistics, you might be losing money to inefficient management and preventable problems.

Every logistic process is open to optimization and there are always ways to improve your operations. 

Moreover, what worked yesterday might not work today, so it pays to review your processes and make adjustments when needed. Read on to find out how to improve your logistics management right away.

1. Establish Standard Operating Procedures

The first and most important step to improve logistics management is to establish standard operating procedures. Logistics is all about planning, so a good plan must serve as the basis of your operations.

While a plan won’t cover every possible circumstance, it will minimize problems and allow you to deal with unpredictable problems more efficiently. You, or your logistics manager, should be flexible when acting on the standard operating procedures, especially in case of something unexpected.

An unusual item, a remote location, or a request for collaboration, are all events your plan might not cover. Nonetheless, your standard operating procedures will keep your logistics running no matter the circumstance.

2. Automation is Key

In today’s digital markets, automation is key. If you are clinging to old, manual procedures that can be automated, your competitors won’t wait. There are numerous ways to automate many common logistics purposes.

Package tracking and delivery monitoring represent the most common automation technologies. 

These applications will keep your management informed and your deliveries prompt.

Other automation technologies include fleet management, inventory programs, and other applications that reduce human error.

3. Leverage Supply Chain Data

Having enough information to make real-time decisions is one of the most crucial last mile logistics challenges. Last-mile logistics represents up to 28% of all supply chain management and transportation costs. However, missed deliveries, wrong routes, and car problems can inflate these costs.

Thankfully, your supply chain generates data you can use to identify pain points and find ways to improve your logistics management.

4. Hire Key Talent

Even the most ironclad logistics plans will go wrong, and that is where key talent can make a difference. From entry-level positions to upper management, your employees should be aware of your logistics management plans.

If your operations are growing, you should consider hiring a skilled logistics manager to oversee the more technical aspects of logistics management.

5. Focus on Customers First

Logistics is all about prompt service and customer satisfaction. Whether your company focuses on B2B, B2C, or both, your logistics management should focus on your customer first. The easiest way to do so is to keep your customers informed about the status of their deliveries.

Delivery notifications will keep your customers happy while also reducing missed deliveries. Finally, being flexible and giving your customers the option to change delivery time windows will further improve logistics performance and customer satisfaction. 

All of these tips will help you to level up your logistics logically!

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