5 Merch Ideas to Promote Your Band or Brand

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Getting people attracted to your band is similar to starting a clubhouse. The main goal is to make everyone feel included in a community. That's why you should really consider the type of merchandise you use for advertisement.

The right type of products could make people flock to you like bees on honey. The best thing to do is to be creative while also offer items with dual functioning purposes. Keep reading to check out 5 innovative merch ideas to promote your band or brand.

1. Guitar Picks

A lot of times you will find musicians of different levels at a music concert. So it makes sense that one of the best merch ideas is something personal to them and you. These useful pieces are typically affordable in bulk and can go a long way for your promotion.

Make your fans feel like the rockstar they are by selling customized guitar picks at your merch table.

2. Limited Edition Vinyls

It's safe to say that vinyl records (along with record players) are making a strong comeback in the music scene. Mostly because people prefer the nostalgic feeling from the vintage aesthetic. But, either way, offering limited edition vinyl is one of the best merch ideas for staying on-trend.

True fans will appreciate colored vinyl or some cool artsy decorations that they can keep as collector's items for many years to come.

3. Vest Patches

Patches are a great way to make some plain clothing items look a lot cooler for much less than half the price of a designer piece. They come in so many different designs and have a wide range of customization options.

Vest patches as promotional products are a great way to get your supporters rocking the brand message loud and proud. 

4. Autographed Items

This might be one of the most personal and sentimental merch ideas to use. People who love what you do will surely appreciate a good old fashioned autograph on a variety of different items. This could also be a really low-cost idea depending on which things you choose to autograph. 

Consider selling merchandise with authentic signatures on them. You could also charge people to put your autograph on something that they already own.

5. Tote Bags

Here's a super practical cool band merch idea. People are really into saving the planet and recyclable tote bags help with that. Not only will you be allowing supporters to connect with your band, but you'll also be doing a good deed and people will want to get behind that as well.

Got Any More Cool Merch Ideas?

Being considerate of your fans should be the main focus of any of your merch ideas for business brands and bands. Think about your audience and the types of things they might like before just offering them any promotional merchandise products.

It would also be beneficial to try a few different business brand or band promo items to see which ones people take to the most. Have fun and get creative with your promotional merchandise ideas.

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