5 Occasions That Need a Celebratory Cigar

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In the United States, about 17.4 million people smoke cigars. 

Smoking cigars is clearly a popular pastime for some people, but are you wondering when's appropriate to smoke one? 

Whether it's the birth of a baby or the seal of a business deal, there are some occasions that just call for a celebratory cigar. Here are just a few.

1. Poker Night

If you have a poker night coming up, it may be the perfect chance to break out these handmade cigars. 

Cigars are as essential to a poker night as are the cards and chips. It may seem too cliche to have them, but there is a reason that they are popular during these nights.

When you're hanging out with your friends and enjoying the thrill of gambling, you can just sit back and relax with a cigar and a drink in your hand.

2. Weddings

Another celebration you may want to pull out a cigar for is a wedding.

Aside from poker nights, this may be one of the most common places you'll see someone smoking a cigar. 

This is potentially the most special event in someone's life. When you have everyone together to celebrate that, it's only natural that the cigars start to come out. 

Nothing will complete a fancy wedding more than a nice cigar. Just make sure that you smoke it outside so as not to disturb the other guests.  

3. Success at Work

Successes at work are always something to celebrate. Work can be stressful, so it's always important to celebrate stuff like getting a new job, a raise, or a promotion! 

Any advancement in your career (no matter how big or small) is always a cause for a celebration. You want to make sure that you can remember that moment and really treat yourself for the hard work that you put in. 

You could go out with some coworkers or friends to grab a drink and then end the night with some cigars to help commemorate the moment. 

4. Birthdays

Birthdays are also another event that pairs really well with cigars. 

Whether it's a friend or family member's birthday or your own, it's always a great time to celebrate. If it's your own home party, you can smoke cigars as much as you want.

However, if you're at someone else's house or party, make sure that they're okay with it before you start filling their home or apartment with cigar smoke. 

Cigars may even make a great present to bring to the party!

5. Bachelor Parties

Lastly, before the big wedding, you can break out some cigars at the bachelor party as well. 

Sitting around and smoking a cigar tends to bring people closer together, and a bachelor party is one night where you should really be able to enjoy that. This is a night made for celebrating and connecting with each other. 

Enjoy a Celebratory Cigar Today!

Having a celebratory cigar every now and then can really help liven up whatever celebration you're having.

Smoking a stogie can also be a great way to relax and unwind to fully enjoy the moment with your friends.

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