Common Photobook Design Mistakes

photobook design mistakes

Designing photobooks can be fun. However, it is a process that requires patience and precision. If you make a mistake, the quality of your photo book may be disappointing. The following are some of the most common photobook design mistakes. 

1. Having Image Stickers Close To The Gutter Area 

Your photo book will be bound by stapling to form a gutter between two pages. Keep this in mind when designing. You should give an allowance of one to two centimeters. Do not have a big part of the sticker spilling over to the other page. You may lose most of the sticker in the binding. Even though you may use type stickers over the gutter, don't do it with actual photos or text. 

2. Not Allowing For Bleed 

If you don't allow for bleed, you may have unwanted slithers of background. If you wish for an image to extend over the whole cover, you must extend it well beyond the dotted bleed line. If you want your photos to go off the edges in your pages, you should have the edges running past the bleed line. 

3. Misalignment Of Images 

If you do not align your images properly, they will look even worse in the printed product. It is okay to play around with different layouts but you should be careful. 

4. Overestimating Text Size 

The size of your text will look different when printed out. Even though it may be normal when you preview, it may be too large when printed. Print out a page to test its appearance before printing out the entire photo book. If you are designing a photo book for the first time, consider using the standard layout. 

5. Poor Format 

Think about your format before designing a photo book. With most of them, a large landscape is great. It gives you enough space to add photos. If your book is large, you will have enough space for all your photos. Do not be afraid of having white space. It makes your pages look fresh and professional. Adding too many photos on a page may make it look too busy. 

Having a great photo book design is not intuitive. It takes a lot of practice and patience. Even if you have good designs, there is always room for improvement. The ability of a photographer to take amazing photos may fail to reflect if the photobook design is wrong. Your design should match your purpose and the effect that you hope to achieve. If you don't feel confident about your ability to design it yourself, consider getting assistance. You may seek inspiration from the work of others. 

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