5 Mistakes to Avoid With CEO Headshots

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The first-ever photographic headshot was by Robert Cornelius of Philadelphia in 1839. What's more, it was a selfie. While it was a momentous event in the history of photography using a selfie for your headshot is definitely not recommended.

Great CEO headshots can display your power and values as an executive, but make sure you avoid these mistakes when getting yours.

What is a CEO Headshot?

A CEO headshot is a part of your marketing collateral. It's marketing for you and for your business. It's as important to get this right in the same way as getting the corporate logo right.

This is the go-to image of you that you should use for corporate reports, press releases, and other publicity. It needs to be current, impactful and present you in a positive light. 

1. Selfies Won't Cut It 

Selfies are great. Their immediate, fun and easily shared with friends and family. The standard of photography doesn't have to be great and smartphones have super tools for editing and filtering these images.

They are not the right photographs for your CEO headshot. They look amateurish and undermine your credibility and that of your company. Hiring managers regard online CVs featuring selfies as "unprofessional".

2. Don't Use That Nice Holiday Photograph

You might like the photograph your partner took of you on holiday. Perhaps it brings back happy memories. Don't use it for your CEO headshot.

The background won't be suitable. Your dress is not likely to be business wear. The sun-kissed glow doesn't say "corporate leader".

The repurposed holiday snap looks like you're cutting corners. It suggests a casual approach to quality that customers don't appreciate.

3. This is What I Wear to the Office

Turning up to have your photograph taken as if this is just another meeting on your agenda for the day is likely to result in poor photographs. The best photographer cannot hide the fact you need a haircut or that your shirt is not freshly ironed.

Prepare for the photo session. Have a haircut and be well-groomed.

Bring a set of clothes chosen for the photo and change into fresh clothes. Select the clothes that best communicate your corporate image whether that be a business suit, business casual or some other thought-through, public image.

4. Don't Use Just Any Photographer

Take some time selecting the right photographer for you. Look at their work and ask others for their opinion. Not all photographers are the same.

A professional photographer with expertise in corporate headshots will bring out the best in you during the session. Don't rely on an internet search to find the right photographer. Do your research and get the best photographer for you, not the top Google ranked photographer.

5. Don't Use Old Photographs

Photographs age quickly. Don't get stuck in a CEO headshot rut. You should update your headshot regularly so it is always representative of you and your corporate image.

Keep it fresh and relevant. Look out for inconsistencies like logo changes or your own appearance changing.

Your CEO Headshot Here

Your face is your brand. With so much business happening online and on people's desktops it's important that you have a digital image that you can be proud of. Get your CEO headshots right the next time employee photographs are taken.

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