11 Fun Group Outing Ideas for Businesses for Team Building

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Could your team use some time away from work to unwind and have some fun together? Have you considered a group outing?

It doesn't need to be a major event that requires travel and hotels. In fact, there are many group outing ideas that are likely right in your neighborhood or at least nearby. We'll take a look at eleven of these top team building activities here. 

Top 11 Fun Team Building Activities

1. Arcade

You really can't go wrong with arcade games. The older members on your team will find them nostalgic, and the younger members will get a chance to play some old school games. You could even split up your group into teams and offer a prize like a free lunch.

2. Trampoline Park

There's nothing more freeing than getting everyone together to jump in a room full of trampolines. Even the most serious members on the team will be hard-pressed to not smile. 

3. Breakout Room

There's serious camaraderie to be developed when working together to escape from a sinking ship, land a hijacked plane or break out of the scary basement of a serial killer. Head to an escape room to find a game that's just right for your gang.

4. Volunteering Event

Want your team to take part in something meaningful? Take them to volunteer at a homeless shelter, food bank, retirement home, or cleanup project. The team-building aspect is built right in.

5. Laser Tag

This activity is essentially paintball without the pain or the mess. And there's something empowering about getting outfitted with special reflective gear and a gun that doesn't cause any harm.

6. Bowling

Bowling doesn't easily lend itself to cutthroat competition. This isn't to say that it can't be competitive.

But bowling is mostly a goofy and enjoyable experience that happens to be done in proximity to a bar. Speaking of which...

7. Happy Hour

You don't necessarily have to be involved in a game or project. Just kicking back and unwinding with the team after a long work week is a great way to share some laughs and remember not to take things too seriously.

8. Board Game Tournament

Grab some board games and then break your team into groups of four. The winners of each game are further broken into fours until a winner is crowned. To keep it casual, invite the team to dress down and then order in some grub.

9. BBQ and Games at the Park

When the weather is good, head to the park with food to throw on the barbecue, and a wide selection of lawn games like cornhole, ladder golf, and Frisbee. 

10. Sporting Event

Get your group together and hit a sporting event at lunch or after work. If tickets to your professional sports team are out of reach, consider going to a college or semi-pro game. Watching the enthusiasm of minor leaguers for the game can be pretty inspirational.

11. Improv Comedy

Laughter is the best medicine. So if things have been tense with your team lately, take them to watch a comedy troupe doing improv at the club. They often interact with the audience, so it could be a very hands-on and memorable experience. 

Group Outing Ideas Will Bring Your Team Together

We hope these local group outing ideas have inspired you to do some more team-building without having to break the bank.

And for even more articles about ways to make work more efficient and effective, keep checking back with our business blog. Stay inspired!

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