4 Signs That Indicate You Need A New Mattress

signs need new mattress

After a hectic day at work, one thing that we look forward to is to relax and have a sound sleep! As we spend over one-third of every day in bed, having a supportive and comfortable mattress is the key. Even if your old mattress has served you a fantastic time, there comes a time when it's time to say goodbye. 

But, how do you identify when the time to replace it is? 

If you have been experiencing trouble sleeping, the problem might not be the type of your mattress, but its age. It's vital for everyone to know that mattresses have a specific lifespan. 

Keeping your mattress for too long tends to change the shape of the foam and break down other materials inside, which compromise its ability to provide support to your body. 

Deciding the time to retire your old mattress is no trick, but some clues are good indicators. If you have been contemplating buying a new mattress, but not sure whether or not is the time, here are four signs to check out: 

It Starts Giving Morning Allergies 

Some people might notice chronic allergy symptoms in the morning that tend to stay for a few hours after getting out of bed. In addition, if you wake up sneezing or stuffy in the morning, the microscopic mites in your mattress could be the culprit. 

Further, day to day usage of mattress starts accumulating dust mites, mold, mildew, and fungi-build up, which in turn produces a foul smell. If you notice a nasty smell coming through your mattress, it is the time to change it. 

Replacing it will not only provide you a healthy sleep, but also a comfortable bedtime whenever you feel gravitated to relax. Purchasing a hypoallergenic material like latex mattress from Southern California mattress superstores that is dust mite free and antibacterial is even better. 

You Are Tired All The Time 

Sleep is meant to leave you feeling well and rested after you woke up, but an age-old mattress can actually leave you feeling restless and tired. This is because you would have subconsciously spent all night turning and tossing to find a comfortable position. Unfortunately, the comfort you look for doesn’t exist with your old mattress. 

If you have a more terrible experience in the night, and there are good chances, you need a new mattress than blaming your partner for lack of rest or sleep apnea. 

Broken Or Worn-Out Box Springs 

The potential of your mattress to offer support can be significantly affected by what supports your mattress. If your mattress seems in fairly good condition, but that support is missing, check your bed’s frame and foundation that it’s sitting on. Squeaked or creaked box springs can impact a mattress’s support, shape, and comfort. 

Signs Of Sagging 

The most prominent sign that indicates a mattress needs to be replaced is when it starts to sag from the center. As foam gets softer, springs break down over time, and fibers in the materials compress—all of that lead to sag. 

Don’t wait so long to form a crater in the middle of your bed. Even sag of 1-2 inches should not be ignored, as they can target your most vulnerable parts of your body because of the lack of support. 

Moreover, some mattresses even look like they have been through battle zones once the mattress covers and sheets are removed. If your mattress has cave-ins, lumps, coffee stains, coils are sticking through, or worse; then it is time to make a change. 


So, know the signs as mentioned above and do yourself a favor of providing a good night sleep by replacing your old mattress before it starts affecting your health!

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