Assisting Your Elderly Relative To Stay At Home

assisting elderly relative stay at home care in-house senior citizen support

Most elderly relatives want to have as much independence as possible and would like to stay at home for as long as they can. As relatives, we can help them in a number of ways, but we cannot be there for them 24/7 even if we would like to. If you have an elderly relative that is beginning to struggle, here are a few ways you can assist them to stay at home. 

In Home Care 

There are many in-home healthcare services available for those who need a little help. The cost of this will all depend on how many times a day or week that your elderly relative needs a hand. It may be that they just need help when getting in the shower or bath, and this may mean a trained healthcare assistant can visit a few times a week to help with this. Some elderly patients may need help in the morning and the evening, this is something that can be discussed with a home healthcare team and the needs of your relative can be prioritized in order to make a plan of care for them. This means if you’re at work, there is no need to worry that you still haven’t been able to visit them to assist them out of bed. 


If you have the time, making extra and setting it aside for your elderly relative can help them with their meal times. If it has come to a point where cooking is a little too much, this prevents them from eating ready meals every night. If you don’t live close, it can be difficult to ensure that your elderly relative is eating enough. In this case, you may want to consider a meal delivery service

Medical Equipment 

If your elderly relative is struggling with everyday life, such as getting up out of a chair or getting up the stairs, then it may be helpful to buy or rent medical equipment. Most people cannot afford to buy medical equipment outright and this is where hospital at home equipment from comes in handy. They allow you to hire everything from wheelchairs to pressure care mattresses. All of this equipment can help with your loved one staying at home for as long as possible and still getting the care that they need. 

This will also help any in-home healthcare services when they come in to lend a hand. If you are unsure of the best equipment to rent out, you can also speak to an expert over the phone who will be able to recommend the best products depending on your relative’s condition. 

Aging Assistance

As our parents and loved ones get older, there is always the concern of whether they can stay in their own home or whether they need to be looked after elsewhere. The above list can be a great start in helping your relative to live an independent life for as long as they possibly can.

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