Compact Workout Equipment to Add to Your Home Gym

compact workout equipment home gym trx suspension trainer

Why Build A Home Gym? 

Living in a city always has its limitations on the space you can afford to live in. Besides that, cities are crowded and full of traffic and can make it difficult to go out to gyms after a day at work, and whose memberships are also quite expensive. Exercising at home can be an alternative if you get in some essential gym equipment that can fit into the limited space you have in your city home. 

One great advantage of working out in your home gym is that you do not have to drag yourself out to go to the gym, can exercise at any time of the day or night as per your convenience and set up routines that you are comfortable with. You can do weight training, cardio and any other exercise that you are comfortable with. 

Adjustable Dumbbells 

Start with a pair of adjustable dumbbells. A decent pair will allow you to vary the weight from 5 lbs to 50 lbs in 2.5 to 5 lb intervals, which is enough for most weight training exercises. Paired with an adjustable bench, you can replicate most of the movements you can do at a commercial gym involving dumbbells. The great thing about this is that you’ll have access to a rack of dumbbells without needing to compromise space. When you’re done, simply tuck them under a bed or store them in a closet. 

Jump Rope 

If you need to implement types of aerobic training into your exercise routine, skipping rope is a great option. Jump ropes take up no space in your home and they’re extremely affordable. Buy one that is small and lightweight with adjustable handles. It should have a thin cord that does not easily get tangled up. 

Stability Ball 

A stability exercise ball can be on the bulkier side, but they provide a lot of value in terms of the types of exercises you can perform. In particular, it allows you to do exercises that target strengthening your core, legs, and lower back. Check out this resource for more exercises you can do. 

Yoga Mat 

Yoga Mats are a great addition to a home gym. You could use them specifically for yoga purposes or for doing your stretches before resistance training. Yoga mats are an absolute must if you plan on doing lots of core exercises such as sit-ups and planks. 

Resistance Bands 

Resistance bands are a great piece of equipment that takes up almost no space. There are different sets catered to different fitness levels and users but most come in sets that include a variety of resistance levels. Some even come with detachable clip-on handles. Make sure you get an exercise manual along with the bands to help you out when first adding the resistance bands to your bodyweight movements. Resistance bands also come at a very frugal price.


If you have a vacant corner in your home, consider a compact home gym option. Companies like Bowflex are known for creating fitness products for home. Several of their home gym machines are versatile enough to work out most muscle groups while maintaining a small footprint. Some of their machines, like the Bowflex PR1000, include a built-in rowing machine allowing you to do aerobic type exercises as well as resistance training type ones. 

Exercise Bike & Rowing Machine

If you’re mainly interested in aerobic type training then you can invest most of your space and money into something like an exercise bike or rowing machine. These machines are versatile and have a place in every fitness user’s regime including burning fat, building cardiovascular endurance and providing a means to interval training. They do have a larger footprint, however, but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem as nowadays there are foldable versions of both the bike and rowing machines designed specifically for home environments. 

Other Home Gym Equipment Options To Consider 

The great thing about having a home gym is you can start small and with the essentials. Start small, like with dumbbells, jumping rope and resistance bands and build up your home equipment as you go along and get used to the idea of exercising at home. The gradual additions will also be kinder on your pocket. Once you’re familiar with your setup you can slowly upgrade. 

You may want to pick up a foam roller to help with muscle soreness and to increase mobility. Or you can consider ankle weights to add more resistance to your bodyweight movements. Perhaps you can include a training suspension kit like the TRX home which adds a different dimension to the exercises you’re already familiar with.The things you can pick up along the way are limitless.

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