How To Protect Your Fertility

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We all get to a point where we want to start a family. Starting a family can be an exciting experience, although it also comes with its new challenges. However, we are not equally endowed to start a family at the same time. Some begin early in life, others later depending on their preference, and to some based on the fertility problems, they encounter when trying to have a kid. When trying to become pregnant, fertility depends on the couple rather than the responsibility of one. Challenges may occur when trying to have a child with some being natural and other man-made. You can adopt a lifestyle that ensures the human-made causes of infertility do not affect your ability of bearing a child. If you have infertility in Frisco, TX, get the help you need to make your dream of having a family come true. 

Control Your Weight 

When you are overweight or underweight, you become vulnerable to many health complications. Your ovulation cycle suffers when you have weight issues. Therefore, ensure you work out to control your weight if you are heavy and eat healthy to manage your underweight problems. Overweight issues may also not change due to exercise alone and may need the consultation of a doctor. 

Control Your Caffeine Intake 

Studies have shown that caffeine intake may limit your chances of getting pregnant. If you can, avoid taking in caffeine for the period that you seek to get pregnant. However, if you are used to taking it daily, staying without it could have intense withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, limit caffeine intake to approximately 200 mg per day. 

Shun Alcohol 

Excess alcohol serves as one of the causes of infertility as it affects your ovulation. When trying to get pregnant, do not indulge in alcohol. Best practice dictates that you refrain from alcohol since even a little alcohol intake may affect the development of the child. 

Manage Your Stress 

Your health is affected when under pressure. The normal body processes change when you undergo stress. Therefore, when trying to get pregnant, reduce stress levels to increase the chances of getting pregnant. It is also advisable to avoid stress during the child development period as it affects their development and may even lead to miscarriage. 

Avoid Smoking At All Costs 

The effects of smoking are numerous on your health. When it comes to fertility, tobacco has a negative impact that may reduce the chances of getting pregnant. Smoking also affects the health of a developing embryo. Therefore, stay clear of smoking or smokers to avoid secondhand smoke. 

Age Factor 

The advancement in age of a woman from the age of 30 onwards also means that their natural fertility declines. The rate of producing eggs and the quality of eggs produced reduces as they begin the onset leading to menopause. The risk of pregnancy loss also increases with age. 

Sexual Behavior 

A sexual history that involves many partners increases the risk of infertility. STIs such as chlamydia causes irreparable damage to the fallopian tubes that have an essential role in getting pregnant. Therefore, before trying to get pregnant, have a checkup on the STIs that may affect fertility to ensure you are safe for pregnancy.

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