What You Need To Know Before Going For Liposuction?

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Liposuction has been one of the most effective cosmetic surgery procedures to improve the body figure by removing fat. This procedure eliminates fat deposits that are resistant to exercise or diet. It is done to contour or reshape buttocks, back, tummy, arms, hips, legs, etc. 

If you are also thinking about getting liposuction, here are some of the things you should know: 

Liposuction Isn’t For Weight Loss 

One of the most common misconceptions about liposuction is that it’s a way to get skinny. If you are also considering this procedure as a way to resolve weight issues, it doesn’t work that way! 

Liposuction is a cosmetic technique that targets to improve the appearance of a body area. It aims to contour or reshape the body area by removing stubborn fat deposits. 

Therefore, instead of thinking this procedure as a way to lose weight, think it as a shape-changing tool to bring a particular body area into harmony with the rest of the body. Adopt a healthy lifestyle to get and maintain the results. 

You can combine liposuction with skin tightening procedures, such as a thigh lift, butt lift, or a tummy tuck to get the desired shape. 

The Procedure Works Best For The Patients Having A Healthy Weight 

Liposuction provides you with the best results if you have healthy body weight. If you get the procedure done when you are heavier than you wish to be, you may not get the desired results. You need to have a firm, elastic muscle tone, and not more than 30% of the ideal body weight. 

If you think that liposuction will motivate you to get into shape by losing weight, it may not be the case. Sometimes, the patients see an improvement in the appearance but end up feeling less motivated to get in shape afterward. That’s why the surgeon wants to make sure that you have realistic expectations for your appearance after the procedure. 

This Cosmetic Procedure Is Safe 

Though it seems dangerous to insert a hot poker into the body, there are safeguards to prevent burning. There is a temperature sensor and an infrared camera on the tip of the probe. It allows the surgeon to monitor the body temperature and see what’s happening inside or outside the body. 

Any such powerful tool in the hands of an inexperienced person can be dangerous. So, look for a board-certified surgeon who can answer all your queries and show pictures of his work. 

The Removed Fat Doesn’t Move To Another Part Of The Body 

Some people are concerned that if they get liposuction in one area, the removed fat will shift to another area. However, it’s a myth. Instead, the fact is, the way your body gain or lose weight after undergoing liposuction can be a bit different from the way you gained or lost weight before the procedure. 

If you got liposuction that removed half the fat cells in your tummy area, you are left with fewer fat cells in this area now. Suppose you gain 15 pounds after the cosmetic surgery, you are less likely to put weight on the tummy. In fact, it will be redistributed to the other body areas. So, you’ll gain or lose weight more evenly than before. 

You Need To Limit Your Physical Activities For Some Time 

In most of the cases, the patients return to work or daily activities within a few days after the surgery. However, the surgeon may ask you to avoid strenuous activities or sports for a couple of weeks. 

Swelling might take a bit longer to resolve. But, you’ll see a swelling decrease or other subtle changes occurring in the treated area after a few weeks. 

Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery Could Be The Solution You Are Seeking

If you are seeking to improve your appearance, Liposuction is a great choice! It sucks those packets of fat deposits and provides you with great results. However, the decision to choose the type of liposuction for your body is best left to the cosmetic surgeon. Your job is to consult a professional plastic surgeon who can guide you to choose the appropriate procedure for you.

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