How Businesses And Bettors Are Viewing An Impeachment

how businesses view impeachment political bettors

At a quick glance, the impeachment hearings might not appear to have much of a direct impact on American business, whether that’s the small business sector or large corporations. What’s clear, however, is the weight of influence elected officials carry. The policies they inevitably choose, or reverse have the power to steer the general economy, for better or for worse. Oddsmakers on the other hand, may be getting a favorably known outcome from the start. 

Small Business Sector 

For small businesses, new policies and legislative policies that have been put in place to support their sector could be derailed with an impending impeachment. 

As reported on the National Federation of Independence index, small-business optimism reached a five- month low in August. A sharp fall in economy and low-sales expectations were cited as the main indicators. 

A strong economy, it appears, outweighs political disruptions when policies prove inconsequential to the economy or the small business sector. 

Big Business, Tariffs, And Investors 

The economic fallout experienced from tariffs that President Trump imposed have largely been a reason behind the recent anxieties U.S. businesses face. The financial consequences have been felt by farmers, manufacturers, and overseas investors alike. 

Republican Senators, such as Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas and Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, are designing solutions that would reassert the role of Congress. Their hopes are that Congress is assigned with the task of regulating commerce offshores and setting tariffs, rather than leaving it solely in the hands of the President. 

Business groups are supporting this possible solution, including U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Foreign Trade Council. 

An impeachment could mean the imposed tariffs are reversed. 

An impending impeachment could leverage a rebalancing of power to Senate republicans who can find the President “not guilty.” Senators may use this as an opportunity to have the favor returned, citing “quid pro quo.” 

“Likely, the “quid” would be a rebalancing of power, with the Senate regaining its traditional and constitutional roles, particularly regarding trade, tariffs and foreign agreements.” – John S. Tobey for Forbes 


The uncertainty surrounding the Trump candidacy and subsequent administration has made it an easy target for oddsmakers looking to capitalize their gains. 

While the impact an impeachment could cause to businesses remains unknown, oddsmakers seem to be confident when it comes to predicting the probability of impeachment. 

Impeachment is an altogether rare event throughout presidential history. Although there may be a lack of traditional forecasting strategies to predict this particular outcome, political betting sites are saying that impeachment is likely. 

Some bookmakers are even putting the odds of impeachment at around 20%. 

According to PredicIt users

• There was a 40% chance of impeachment in 2019. 
• There was a 78% chance of impeachment in his first term. 
 There was a 21% implied chance Trump resigns in his first term. 
• There was a 22% implied chance Trump is convicted in a trial in the Senate. 

How do you think the proceedings will turn out for the king of quotes Donald Trump? Do you think that an impeachment will have much of an impact on US businesses? What will the impact be beyond the United States? 

Will it impact presidential candidates like Mike Bloomberg or Tom Steyer? Only time will answer all of these questions!

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