Top Hair Restoration Techniques

top hair restoration techniques

Since the advent of popular hair restoration treatments in the 1950s, the medical technologies used in hair restoration have evolved and converted the mediocre industry with unpredictable results to one with highly advanced and effective treatments for baldness provided by highly trained medical professionals such as Dr. John K McRae. Modern hair restoration techniques are minimally invasive, and they are known to give natural-looking outcomes. They are also safer, and the recovery time is now shorter. Below is a rundown of some of the top methods that patients can count on to achieve medical hair restoration. 

Follicular Units Transplants 

Follicular unit transplantation is the modern gold standard when it comes to hair restoration. It has to do with transplanting three to four hair follicles into the areas with thinning hair. This procedure is usually accomplished using highly advanced technologies to obtain follicles through an elliptical excision from the donor site. The follicles are then separated into follicular units and implanted into the recipient area. Some of the benefits that are associated with this procedure include natural-looking results, minimum post- operation discomfort, absence of a linear scar, large harvesting area, and fast recovery, among others. 

Hair Grafting 

Hair grafting is also a popular method used in treating baldness. The procedure involves removing a section of the scalp with a healthy hair density and grafting it in the area with the inability to grow hair. The sizes of hair grafts are usually at the doctor's discretion. Hair mini-micro grafting is another hair grafting technique. The technique is different in the sense that it allows the donor tissue to be surgically obtained by the use of a multi-blade knife by which several thin grafts are regenerated. Although these types of grafts are larger than follicular units, they are much smaller than typical grafts. 

Laser Hair Treatment 

Laser hair treatment is a non-invasive hair restoration technique. This non-surgical technique is best for people looking for a cost-effective solution for badness. In other words, it is an excellent solution for people who cannot afford to pay for surgical procedures. All in all, laser treatment can also be used together with the surgical treatments with the aim of encouraging blood flow to the newly implanted follicular units or grafts. However, it is imperative for you to remember that effective laser hair treatments for baldness may require more than one session. Therefore, you will have to be ready to go for the follow-up sessions as your doctor may advise. 

Keep Your Hair Up There

Overall, it is apparent that although no one wants to lose hair, millions of people are bound to lose their hair at some point in life. Hair loss can be attributed to genetic, environmental, and even age factors. Whatever the case, the good news is that lost hair can be restored, hair can be healthier, and there are several methods through which this can be achieved.

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