What Are The Benefits Of Contact Lenses?

what are the benefits of contact lenses

When it comes to vision correction, patients usually have many options. However, glasses and contact lenses are the most common vision correction techniques preferred by most optometrists, including Dr. Sean M Stevens. Still, most people are on the fence about glasses versus contact lenses. Of course, each of these choices has its specific pros and cons, however, contact lenses are more effective and convenient when compared to glasses, and this explains why most people who try them never think of going back to glasses. Below is a rundown of some of the benefits that are associated with contact lenses. 

Easy To Wear 

One of the most significant benefits of contact lenses is that they are easy to wear. You can have them on your eyes within a few seconds. You just have to put your lens on the end of your finger and then place it on your eye. Repeat this process with the other eye and you are good to go. Although wearing glasses is also easy, glasses do not feel as comfortable. They usually feel heavy on top of your ears and the bridge of the nose. Therefore, you will always feel different when wearing glasses. On the other hand, contact lenses are so comfortable that you may even forget that you are wearing them. 

No Glare

If you have been wearing glasses for some time, you have probably been blinded by the glare that occurs as sun rays bounce off the glasses. On the other hand, contact lenses do not create such a glare since they sit directly on the eyes. Therefore, they are an excellent option for those engaged in outdoor activities. 

Full Access To The Field Of Vision 

The ability of the glasses to help patients to see clearly cannot be denied. However, the truth is that glasses only help with the direct frontal view. In other words, your peripheral vision may be blocked by the frames. On the other hand, contact lenses are known to provide patients with full access to their complete field of vision. The importance of peripheral vision cannot be overemphasized. For instance, when you are driving, being able to view what is coming from the right and left can go a long way in helping you to avoid accidents. 


Another significant benefit of contact lenses has to do with the convenience that they offer. You can wear them in any situation and to any activity. Whether you are working in your office, relaxing in your backyard, playing football, or hiking a mountain, you can count on contact lenses you give unobstructed vision. 

Leverage The Benefits Of Contact Lenses

Overall, it is apparent that there are several options that patients have when it comes to vision correction. However, contact lenses have the edge over most of the other options for a number of reasons previously outlined. Therefore, if you are looking for a more convenient vision correction option allowing you to do away with glasses, contact lenses are an excellent choice to consider for eye health and performance. Feel free to contact a reliable optometrist at Revision Optix for more information about contact lenses.

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