8 Most Shocking Mistakes That Doctors Make

shocking mistakes doctors commit deadly medical errors

We must strive to stay healthy throughout our lives by opting for an immunity-boosting lifestyle so that we can achieve our ambitions and fulfill our desires to our fill. But sickness and health both are a mandatory part of our lives. Therefore, we must learn to take both of them in our strides such that the former does not overshadow the latter. 

With more and more research being done in the medical field, treating diseases should not be a big issue, but people are still dying on hospital beds. Other than the rare ailments, human error also accounts for a considerable portion of deaths such that medical errors are ranked as the third most common cause of death. Therefore, we have listed here eight most shocking mistakes doctors commit that have the potential to create life-threatening conditions. 

1. Misdiagnosis
You will have to understand that doctors are humans too, and no matter how good a doctor is, he ends up giving a wrong diagnosis every once in a while. Various studies have reported that around 15 percent of the medical conditions are wrongly diagnosed at the start. Therefore, do not be a passive participant when you go to a doctor, instead, participate in the discussion by asking the right questions. 

2. Patients Mix Up

It is a common mistake that a lot of doctors end up committing when there are two patients with the same name, and in extreme cases, some patients end up getting surgeries meant for other patients. Therefore, make sure that your doctor and other hospital staff verify all of your essential details like name, date of birth, and bar code. 

3. Wrong Medications 

Make sure that your doctor knows all about the medicines and supplements you are taking before he starts writing you a prescription so that the prescribed drugs do not end up interacting with the old ones. 

Moreover, consult with the pharmacist to double-check the correctness of the prescribed medicines because most of the doctors do not have a profound knowledge of drugs. Consulting with a pharmacist will have the added benefit as he will be aware of the news on the latest medicines, so you can avoid the catastrophes that resulted in the infamous Zantac lawsuit phenomenon. 

4. Wrong Body Part Surgery

It may sound ridiculous that how a doctor can end up invading the wrong body part, but it happens often enough that some health insurance companies refuse to pay for such surgeries. 

5. Poor Coordination

Some medical conditions can be so complicated that they would require consulting with several specialists within the same hospital. Such situations can wreak havoc if there is a lack of coordination and information sharing among various doctors, and you can end up being over medicated. 

6. Excessive Tests And Treatments

Good doctors practice restraint and try to employ focused treatment because unnecessary procedures may involve invasive tests and radiations that can themselves be harmful. Therefore, always ask your doctor whether you really need a particular test or treatment to make him rethink his choice of action. 

7. Leaving Surgical Instruments

It is another preposterous mistake that many doctors end up doing; therefore, if you have an unexpected pain after surgery, consult your doctor if he has not left anything inside you. 

8. Air Embolus

Some doctors end up injecting an air embolus inside the patients' circulation system because when the hole in the patient's chest is not appropriately sealed, air bubbles can easily get sucked into the bloodstream. It can lead to potentially fatal conditions, like cardiac arrests and pulmonary embolism.

Major Medical Errors From Deadly Doctors

Doctors may be well-trained and experienced, but everyone is human. Be wary of all medical treatment, especially unnecessary procedures, so you don't end up being another medical error statistic.

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