Keeping Teeth Healthy In Emerson, NJ

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Healthy teeth boost your confidence as you smile or speak before a group of people. Emerson Dental Arts is helping the residents of Emerson, NJ, to smile more and stay younger. On your visit, you shall be served by a team led by Dr. Katz, an experienced family dentist who has helped patients in Emerson dating back to 1985. 

Dr. Katz is a well-decorated dentist that is a member of the New Jersey Dental Association, and Bergen County Dental Society. The doctor uses certified skills to handle different cases ranging from tooth replacement, strengthening, cleaning, smile designing, and restoration of implants. The clients are allowed to communicate in English or Spanish within the offices. 

Services Offered by Emerson Dental Arts 

· Emergency Care - Oral health emergencies caused by accidents or unforeseen severe pain, require the help of a qualified dentist. Dr. Katz and his team are available for consultations around the clock, same-day urgent care, and dental care on Saturday. 

· Invisalign & Clear Braces - You might need to have dental braces or Invisalign to strengthen your teeth and improve your smile. Dr. Katz helps you in choosing the best option for your set of teeth. The doctor also does the maintenance required to make the aligners in perfect state. 

· Cosmetic Dentistry­ - Cosmetic dentistry helps to boost your confidence as it shapes your smile according to your specifications. Dr. Katz uses advanced technology and skills to handle different sets of teeth to deliver a perfect smile within a few hours. 

· Family Dentistry - you can help your entire family to maintain perfect smiles through the family dentistry at Emerson Dental Arts. Dr. Katz is well prepared to handle the dental care of patients in all age brackets. 

· Sedation Dentistry - Emerson Dental Arts understands that the pain experienced during a dental treatment session can discourage certain patients from seeking treatment. Upon request, you can be put under by a certified anesthesiologist available at the dental clinic. 

· Treatment for Bleeding Gums - Dr. Katz uses laser gum therapy in the treatment of gum disease, swollen, or bleeding gums. The entire process is fast efficient and painless and worth the visit in every possible way. 

· Dental Implants - Dental implants allow you to get a permanent alternative for missing teeth in your dental formula. Dr. Katz uses advanced skills and techniques to consider all underlying factors to ensure that the implants are efficient and painless. 

· Missing Teeth - most people lose teeth to decay or in accidents. Missing teeth affect the quality of your smile and bites. Dr. Katz is always ready to help you to replace the missing teeth and get functional and good-looking replacements. 

· Teeth Whitening - Dr. Katz is a specialist in teeth whitening. Clients receive in- office whitening of teeth at Emerson Dental Arts. The doctor also provides relevant guidance to help you maintain a healthy and confident smile. 

Reasons Why You Should Visit Emerson Dental Arts 

· Certified Services - Emerson Dental Arts is licensed to operate in the state of New Jersey. The available team uses certified dental techniques and equipment to give you a perfect smile. 

· Fast And Reliable - Dr. Katz coordinates the team to ensure that all clients receive quality services within the shortest time possible. Clients have the option of communicating with the center using text messages, phone calls, or online platforms. 

· Extra Working Hours - Patients are offered treatment every day of the week. Dr. Katz and his team can work for extra hours and on Saturday in case of a dental emergency. 

Feel free to book an appointment by scheduling with Emerson Dental Arts through a call, text, or online.

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