Let The Best Anesthesiologist In Houston Help In Your Pain Management

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Pain is a complex condition that can result in more serious medical issues if left untreated or incorrectly treated. For specialized care, you can check-in at Yancey Pain and Spine and get treatment by the best anesthesiologist in Houston, to relieve you of any chronic pain problems you might be experiencing. 

Dr. William Yancey is a highly qualified interventional pain specialist that can offer treatment to a wide range of pain conditions. He usually takes an evidence-based methodology in medicine, making use of proven techniques and therapies in treating his patients. He also makes use of the latest advances in medicine to ensure that patients get lasting solutions. 

At the facility, the doctor doesn't just manage the pain but treats it, enabling patients to get back to regular routines. The doctor graduated from the University of Texas with a Doctor of Medicine. With a background in biomedical engineering in his undergraduate, Dr. Yancey has an exceptional understanding of how the body works compared to others working in the field. 

Therefore, with his education and many years of experience, he takes a unique approach in ensuring that his patients get a lasting solution to their pains. Together with his team, they treat a range of conditions including: 

· Herniated Disc 

It is one of the main causes of back and neck pain. If not treated properly, it could lead to severe conditions that might affect arm and leg functions. At the facility, you will get non- surgical solutions to your herniated disc problem. 

The treatment may include physical therapy, medications, and epidural steroid injections. We understand that some of the problems can are treatable without surgery. If the remedies don't work, then the doctor refers the patient to a surgeon. 

· Chronic, Back And Joint Pains 

At the facility, all of your pain you feel in your body will get specialized treatment. Some of these conditions don't require a surgeon and will involve medication, steroid injections, and physical therapy. 

At the facility, the doctor will examine the patient to get to the root cause of a pain problem to treat and offer lasting solutions effectively. 

· Sciatica 

Sciatica is a common pain problem that touches the sciatic nerve. The problem can come and go without the intervention of a specialist, but when it becomes severe, it requires treatment by a qualified healthcare practitioner. 

You can get treated at the facility using the best and modern techniques, including steroid injections, physical therapy, and medications. 

· Pinched Nerve 

The pinched nerve is a condition that makes patients feel pins sensation on hands and feet. For many people, the problem is temporary and usually goes away without treatment. However, due to some underlying issues, some people aren't able to shake off the feeling. At the facility, the damaged nerve will get treated using specialized injections and medication. 

· Spinal Stenosis 

It is a narrowing of the space in the spine. Some people can be born with a narrow spine, but usually, it develops due to getting old. The patient receives specialized healthcare in treating the condition to bring about lasting relief. 

At the facility, you can also get spinal cord stimulation if you have tried traditional methods that don't seem to work. Make an appointment at the facility to get relief from your stubborn and chronic pains.

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