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Xbody Health, Wellness, and Spa is an integrative healthcare center focusing on general healthcare. Tatiana Sharahy, MD, at the center, leads a team of highly-trained medical staff in treatment procedures. The facility has its locality in New Jersey and incorporates advanced medical technology and techniques to enhance their treatments. Providers at the facility aim at meeting the needs of their patients through a holistic approach to various conditions. 

About Providers 

Donna Taormina is a nurse practitioner, and Cesira Boni is an integrative health nutritionist with the center. The facility uses a multidisciplinary approach in treating medical conditions. They offer a variety of treatments such as integrative medicine, therapies, aesthetic medicine, spa, and functional medicine. Medical practitioners use their experience and training to ensure every patient receives individualized care. 

About Services 

Aesthetic Medicine 

These treatments aim at meeting the general aesthetics needs of a patient, hence boosting their confidence. Aesthetic medicine enhances anti-aging, skin tightening, body contouring, etc. These cosmetic services include Botox, thread lifts, PRP therapy, fillers, carboxytherapy, kybella, and mesotherapy. 

Functional Medicine 

These treatments focus on treating conditions that affect the functioning of the patient's body. Services provided at the center include nutritional guidance, weight loss management, hormonal imbalance treatments, genetic testing, physical therapy, allergy treatment, detoxification, etc. The center has staff specialized in providing these services efficiently. 


Spa services mainly focus on the health and wellness of a patient. The providers at the center offer massages, facials, dermal infusion, micro-needling, and laser hair removal. 

IV Therapy 

IV therapy is an innovative treatment also inclusive in the services the facility provides. The providers offer vitamin injections and IV cocktails. IV cocktails help in flu-fighting, weight loss management, energizing the body, anti-aging, hydration, etc. Visit their website to learn more about these services. 


The facility has a gallery where they showcase some of their successful procedures, such as Kybella treatments and weight loss programs. Patients can check out the ‘before and after’ photos to gain confidence in their service. This wellness center also has promotional services for treatments, for instance, 50% off Botox Cosmetic and 150% off Botox + Juvederm. 


The providers at the center emphasize patient education. Through the blog articles posted on their site, patients and the general public can learn about their treatment procedures. Other articles also teach about healthy living. See all posts on their blog. 


Xbody Health and Wellness Center appreciates and values feedback from their patients. To date, the facility boasts a 4.93 out of a 5-star rating on 14 collected reviews. Check out their website for some testimonial videos and comments from their patients. 

How To Contact The Center 

Patients can reach the facility through mobile, 973-869-5806, or book for an online appointment. Consult with the facility on their working hours before visiting the center. Note that the facility does not operate on Sunday and Thursday. If you have any queries, comments, or concerns about the center, you can send a message to your selected provider through their website. 

Get The Best Care Anywhere

In conclusion, Xbody Health and Wellness Center approaches patient’s conditions through a holistic, multidisciplinary approach. The providers have vast experience and training in performing multiple medical procedures. Schedule an appointment today for a consultation and treatment for any condition.

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