5 Benefits Of Medical Weight Management

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Losing weight is a reasonably tricky task. You may have tried fad diets and routine exercises your friends swore by, only to have them fail. Or you may have managed to shed the extra pounds, only to have them pile back up again. You are not alone. Many people find it hard to get down to a healthy weight on their own. Which is why medical weight management programs exist. If you have issues with your weight and image, you can book an appointment with a Londonderry wellness medispa. 

Apart from improving your appearance and self-esteem, there are other motivations for wanting to lose weight. Being overweight puts you at risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and conditions like sleep apnea. 

Benefits Of Medical Weight Management 

A medically supervised weight loss program allows you to shed weight without having to starve yourself. It will enable you to eat what you want in moderation while living a more active life. Other benefits of a medical weight management program include: 

1. Customized Exercise Routine 

Different people have varying activity levels. A medically supervised weight management program puts this into account. Your doctor will tailor an exercise routine that, despite being challenging, will be possible for you to achieve and keep up. 

For example, your doctor will start you off with simple routines if your weight hasn't allowed you to move around a lot in the past. He/she may ask you to take a slow walk around your neighborhood or on a treadmill. 

On the other hand, if you are already reasonably active, your doctor will work up from your current routines. You may have to add swimming or cycling to your regimen. 

2. Customized Diet Plan 

Are you worried that a diet plan will deprive you of all your favorite foods? A medical weight loss program does not have a one-fits-all diet chart. Your specialist will evaluate your physical condition, health, weight, eating habits, and activity levels. He/she will then come up with a diet plan specifically suited to your needs. The aim is to help you utilize the calories you take and enjoy food still. 

3. Complete Supervision 

Unlike personal weight loss routines where you go in guessing and hoping, a medical weight management program is fully outlined and supervised. 

Your doctor will perform a full health screening on you before you begin your program. Your diet and exercise plan will be suited to these findings and will be adjusted as you progress with the program. 

The best thing is, your doctor will keep an eye on your progress 24/7. 

4. Formation Of Healthy New Habits 

Changing your diet and activity level can be overwhelming. You are likely to slip back to your old habits a few times and sometimes for good. Luckily, with a medical program, you have an accountability partner: your doctor. Your doctor is committed to seeing your weight loss through and will keep you on your toes until you achieve it. 

With time, you will begin to form new and healthy habits that will gradually become permanent habits. 

5. Health And Aesthetic Results 

The final benefit you’ll get from a medically supervised program is the most exciting one: lasting aesthetic results

Although the weight loss results are gradual and may be unnoticeable at first, within a few weeks, you will begin to look and feel better. You will have more energy and will start to see the extra pounds shedding off. What's more, you won't have to worry about a relapse. 

Since the habits you form will stay with you even after you complete your program, you can be sure of an active, beautiful, and healthy life.

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