How Much Do Dentists Make?

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Not many people like going to the dentist. In fact, up to 20% of Americans completely avoid going to the dentist due to fear! It makes sense, then, that not everyone has dentistry on their mind when choosing a new career. 

Even if you haven't been thinking about it as a possibility, is "How much do dentists make?" a question that's ever occurred to you? You may be surprised by the answer! 

Just like how dentists are nicer than people think, and dental procedures are now more painless than ever, any squeamishness or fear is more than made up for by the salary you can earn as a dentist

Read on for more information on the average pay for dentists. 

How Much Do Dentists Make, Actually? 

You've probably heard that dentists, like other doctors, make good money. 

It's not just a rumor! The average salary for dentists in the United States ranged between $178,040 to $183,060 per year as of May 2019. Hourly, that breaks down to $85.59-$88.01! 

When you consider that the hourly minimum wage for the United States is only $7.25, it's clear you can live comfortably as a dentist. 

It is true that dental school is hard work, and expensive—as you will see below. On top of that, studying cadavers and working with your hands in people's mouths is gross to some. However, that cushy salary is more than enough for a lot of folks to forget about the ick factor. 

What Are The Costs? 

While dentistry is a great way to make money, you should consider that there are some costs to working as a dentist. Dental clinic start-up costs include the building, equipment, products, utilities, and furniture—just as a few examples. 

Before you can consider any of those purchases, though, you have to consider how to become a dentist. Dental school is four years long, and you won't be able to start until you complete a four- year bachelor's degree. Those eight years of education will likely cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the USA. 

You should start saving if you can—but with hourly pay so low, it is likely that you will end up with student debt, like most of us. You'll have to pay that debt down, but at least you'll be in a good position to do so with a dentist's salary. 

The other biggest expense you'll be looking at if you're opening your own dental practice is the clinic itself. Luckily, you're not alone in your hunt for dental real estate. You're a dentist, after all. You don't have to be your own real estate agent, too! 

So, while you can make a lot of money as a dentist, you will need a good amount of capital to start. 

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